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HMG Creative, an Austin-based digital agency, is looking for a VP of Business Development to join our talented and hardworking team!

This position offers the opportunity to contribute to the business development of HMG Creative by building out a sales process to effectively engage more clients. As VP of Business Development, your job will be to identify and qualify new prospects, nurture leads along the sales funnel, navigate relationships with current and prospective clients, and develop tactics to increase our client base and ultimately grow HMG Creative.

If you’re a people-person, have strategic sales insight, have digital agency experience and get excited about the opportunity to improve businesses, this role could be a great fit for you.

In this role, your responsibility will be to:

  • Strategize: Lead the business development strategy of HMG Creative alongside our founders. Develop and maintain a robust sales pipeline for all prospective clients.
  • Generate/Manage Leads: Manage inbound leads and marketing campaigns, following up with email, phone calls, or in-person meetings. Generate leads by proactively pursuing outbound marketing efforts.
  • Qualify Leads: Increase efficiencies in our sales process by qualifying potential leads through exceptional listening and questioning skills and the ability to understand client needs.
  • Improve Sales Process: Work with Marketing to create an effective process for nurturing leads and driving each part of the sales funnel.
  • Nurture Leads: Oversee communication with leads to further nurture and build the relationship and gain a better understanding of their requests and needs. Confidently and clearly communicate HMG’s core capabilities to prospective clients.
  • Enhance Proposals: Bring strategic insight to enhance our proposal format, design, and process, revamping as needed.
  • Pitch: Scope projects (details, hours, and budget), write and prepare proposals, and present proposals to client in-person or over a conference call. Be a rockstar at leading meetings, answering questions, and delivering presentations to prospective buyers.
  • Close Deals: Once you’ve nailed all the other phases of the sales process, this should be the easy part! We’re counting on your sales expertise, intuitive problem-solving skills, and industry knowledge to close deals and secure new business. The ultimate goal is to make our sales process more efficient and boost our close rate to win more business.
  • Develop Partnerships: Generate revenue through continual prospecting, networking and leveraging relationships within the community. Identify strategic partnerships with local businesses and develop synergistic relationships.
  • Network: Be the face of HMG to the community, including current and prospective clients. Represent HMG at networking and industry-related events.

If you’re right for this role, these qualities should sound like you:

  • Experienced. This isn’t necessarily a sales role. It’s an opportunity to develop a successful, 15-year old business, bringing your expertise to build out processes that improve our approach. It’s crucial that you have at least 5-10 years of sales experience, specifically in an agency setting so you’re already familiar with what works and what doesn’t. It’s also ideal if you have a 4-year degree in a related field (and a perk for additional education).
  • Industry Expert. You have an advanced understanding of creative, technology, marketing and design industries. You’ll have to get caught up on our services and offerings as an agency, but you should already be well-versed in the industry lingo (web design/development included!).
  • Outstanding people skills. You’ve got a high emotional IQ, a knack for reading and understanding people, and an uncanny ability to connect and engage with just about anyone. You don’t get intimidated by any type of person – including high level executives – and feel completely confident in your skills to foster relationships and gain others’ trust. Most importantly, you don’t make sales through gimmicky sales tactics, but by being yourself and staying genuine.
  • Killer communication skills. You’re an all-star communicator – whether written, verbal, or face to face. Your friends probably talk about your charisma and eloquence – important qualities that make you an excellent presenter to audiences large and small.
  • Driven. You have vision but also the ability to execute. If you see a problem, you jump on it instead of waiting for someone else to do it. You’re proactive, self-motivated, and excited about building relationships, improving processes, and winning new clients. You have a track record of getting stuff done and are eager to get started on new projects.
  • Strategic. You’re someone with ideas. We’re craving your expertise and welcome you to own our sales process with all the strategic insight you can bring.

Some perks of joining our team:

This is a full-time position and offers competitive compensation based on experience. The team here at HMG Creative is constantly evolving and we strive to build a culture that supports our fast-paced, innovative environment.

  • Salary + Profit Sharing
  • Simple IRA Retirement Plan
  • PTO
  • Medical Coverage
  • Office Happy Hours
  • The Obligatory Ping Pong Table
  • South Central Location – 3809 South 2nd Street, A-200

For immediate consideration send a cover letter and resume to