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Project Overview

HipSTU represents the epitome of a startup business. They approached us with design needs for their super-cool website. We began by creating a fun and captivating interface representative of HipSTU’s brand and ideology. From there, we replicated this template throughout the site and refined the aesthetic elements for a clean and streamlined product. Throughout the entire design process we worked closely with a back-end development firm, allowing for seamless development of the entire project and a polished end result.

About HipSTU

HipSTU is a social shopping platform that provides students an innovative way to earn money. HipSTU builds online, customizable shopping malls that contain some of the most popular retail stores and brands in the world. Customers can buy the same products from the same retailers—but by purchasing through a student’s HipSTU account, the customer helps the student earn money.

Johnny Jeffers

Creative Director and all around cool guy. In his free time you will find him jamming in the local music scene around Austin, TX with his band, With An Orange. You can also follow him on twitter @HMGCreative

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    Services Provided:

    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • Landing Page Design

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