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Last year, Huckleberry approached us with very specific web requirements for the launch of their new eCommerce business. Not eCommerce in the traditional sense but rather, a subscription model that allowed a user to sign up for spa-like facial treatments and have them delivered directly to their home. We crafted a responsive, WordPress-driven website with very custom functionality such as a 10-question survey that, once completed, recommends a skin profile type. This profile type is then used to show a user only the products that fit their skin type- now that’s bespoke!

About Huckleberry

Huckleberry is an online-only skincare brand focused on bringing the day spa experience to your home, with a line of 20 cocktail-inspired facial masks, scrubs, and peels.

Huckleberry dedicates 5% of profits to charitable causes in line with their social mission. Huckleberry was founded under the idea that beauty products can be made better – everything from how products are formulated (natural and organic ingredients only), how they are packaged (small, simple, recyclable), how they are created (hand-crafted in small batches), to how they are delivered (matched with consumer’s usage to eliminate waste). Huckleberry also is one of the only beauty brands that has pledged to be carbon-neutral in its shipping by mapping and offsetting its routes.

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Daniel Alvarez

Associate Editor and Blogger, eConnect Email; Director of Strategic Partnerships, HMG Creative; Music junkie with a knack for Electronic Dance Music and Hip-Hop. MTV alum. Follow him on Twitter @ImDanielAlvarez.

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    Services Provided:

    • User Experience Design
    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • eCommerce
    • Back-End Development
    • Content Management System
    • WordPress
    • Membership Functionality
    • Custom Quiz Functionality
    • Website Hosting
    • Graphic Design
    • Website Hosting

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I was excited when I found an Austin-based company with San Diego roots - just like me - and took it as a positive sign. With our limited startup resources, we wanted to work with someone that had a full team of developers and designers in-house. It was also very important for our site to have a clean concept and easy user experience. While I ultimately had to make some sacrifices in my too-grand vision given the constraints, we're very happy to have as our slick new site to showcase Huckleberry's unique offering!

Joyce Chow, Huckleberry