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Quick Fix Stock Charts Launches, Provides Financial Insights to Members

Posted on Oct 08, 2012 by Amy Kauffman

Quick Fix Stock ChartsHMG Creative is thrilled to announce the launch of Quick Fix Stock Charts, a financial site that educates members on the market about pay day loans and stocks by providing daily stock charts, complete with analysis and comparisons.

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How One Nonproft Shatters Expectations with New Technology, Innovative Website

Posted on Sep 26, 2012 by Amy Kauffman

The OneStar Foundation, a preeminent state-wide organization based in Austin, TX providing resources for the entire nonprofit sector recently abandoned old, cumbersome technology to better serve its public.  The shift is one that sets an ambitious tone for outreach and opens up increased opportunities for all nonprofits in the state.

This week OneStar announced the launch of an updated, redesigned website and a refreshed brand image through a partnership with Austin-based HMG Creative to further initiatives for nonprofits in Texas.

OneStar Foundation connects faith-based and community organizations,one of the best car accident solicitor businesses, government and foundations to resources and information about the nonprofit sector as well as facilitating public-private partnerships to drive community solutions and ultimately, build a better Texas.

In efforts to stay ahead of toll free numbers technology and better serve its audience, OneStar Foundation and HMG Creative partnered for the robust rebranding and web development project.

“We conducted several interviews but selected HMG Creative because we wanted the best end-product possible; we believe that their services will result in a long-term advantage,” said Elizabeth Darling, President and CEO of OneStar Foundation.  “Among many requirements and expectations that are necessary to be a leader in our sector, the most important are an easy-to-manage web platform and an impressive brand image, HMG gave us exactly that.”

HMG Creative increased site functionality, accessibility to information and updated the overall look and feel of the brand to connect with OneStar Foundation’s central audience.  With a refreshed online image and updated technology, OneStar Foundation can further their mission of educating, connecting and providing resources to build a stronger nonprofit sector in Texas.

Check out OneStar Foundation’s new website at

OneStar Foundation’s thrive for innovation continues with the launch of the Texas Connector, an online nonprofit mapping tool which boasts the most comprehensive nonprofit statewide database of any state in the country. goes live today after its debut at the Texas Nonprofit Summit in Austin.

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Website Redesign for Reel Picture Productions

Posted on Sep 19, 2012 by Stacey Donelan

We recently completed a website Flat roofing London redesign project for Reel Picture Productions, the Video Production Companies Singapore headquartered in Singapore.  Our efforts were aimed at creating a more functional and appealing website while keeping the overall theme intact.  The new website provided a quick link to the client portal, a rotating image display on the home page and a new layout for the main tabs.

Click here to view the redesigned website.

About Reel Picture

Established in 1997, Reel Picture Productions supplies DVD replication, DVD packaging, CD replication, CD packaging, and OEM packaging to software companies, Hollywood movie studios, video game companies, music companies, and various businesses.  Reel Picture began in a small 1,000 square foot space.  After quickly expanded, they are currently housed in their 50,000 square foot facility in Eastgate Mall.  They are proud to announce that their current initiative has been aimed towards creating a new and innovative Eco-friendly packaging product.

Screenshot of the OLD website

Screenshot of the NEW website


Website Launch: SPL Services

Posted on Oct 01, 2011 by Johnny Jeffers

We’ve just launched a new website for SPL Services, Inc., a lead sound consulting firm in California. Our goal was to redesign their original website to bring it up-to-date aesthetically and functionally.

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