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We’re building a team of talent that brings more to the table than just talent. You’ve got something we admire, and we’re interested in getting to know you.

Optimize your talents

We operate as a cohesive unit and always put our best foot forward for the sake of our clients. If you’re excited about using your creativity to deliver solutions and want to be part of a team that continually seeks progress, let’s chat.

What Gets Our Attention

Our team at HMG Creative is growing, but we’re dedicated to expanding the right way – with the right team members. We’ve got an inkling candidates might be a good fit when they’re people who are known as:

Team Players

We’re a small team, so we operate like a family. We hang out, have each other’s backs, and make sure to have plenty of fun while we’re at work (and after). We expect you to bring your all, but we don’t expect you to be a hermit while you’re doing it. Get ready for some good laughs and a healthy dose of teasing. When you’re on our team, you’re part of the crew.


Yes, it’s a job. No, we won’t expect you to be a workaholic. But we do want people who bring passion and enthusiasm to the table. We’re a team of craftsmen and we’re proud of our work. Do you like to learn? Are you excited to try new things? Do you look forward to spending your days creating and problem solving? Join us with an attitude of passion and you can expect to thrive.


When things need to get done, we don’t wait for someone else to do it. We’re all capable, and we operate out of a sense of responsibility and ownership. That means when a team member needs help, we step in even if it’s outside of our role. As a team, we’re committed to each other and to our company’s success with a relentless pursuit of growth.

Self Managers

We’re in the business of creating, not micro-managing. So if you want to join our team, you’ll be the boss of you. Together we’ll aim for quality and efficiency, and we need team members who excel in managing themselves to get the job done. Staying on task, paying attention to detail, and being proactive in problem-solving all lay the foundation for us to complete our work with integrity.


We’re always looking for more zesty talent to add to our team. Interested?

Job Openings

HMG Creative, an Austin-based digital agency, is looking for a Social Media/Marketing intern to join our talented and hardworking team this spring and summer! This is a great opportunity for you to gain direct hands-on experience in social media, digital marketing, and communications while developing an understanding of work life and culture within an agency setting. Our goal is to provide an invaluable on-the-job experience that will benefit our interns’ future career. We promote creativity and value self-starters, eagerly seeking to provide opportunities that give you professional experience.

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Besides working on a rockstar team, joining the crew at HMG comes with a few added privileges: