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Whether it’s sitting down to chat over a cup of coffee or brainstorming new ideas over the phone, we want to know how we can help your business grow.

Flat Rate Projects

Dive into large projects with a clear idea of cost and deliverables. We’ll scope your project and bid on a flat-rate, based on the time and materials needed to bring your project to life.


Go the distance with us! Get ongoing support for your marketing efforts from a team of experts that operates as an extension of your team. Choose from a monthly retainer or pre-purchased block of hours.

as-needed basis

Not quite sure what your project needs are yet? Bring us your requests as they come up – we’ll help you flesh out what products and services are best for your brand and assign the right team members to your project.

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Give us a few details below to get the ball rolling. We’ll be in contact and looking forward to hearing your ideas!
How can we help?


Once you identify that your business needs external help providing a solution to a problem, the next step to take is identifying who is going to provide that solution. The options are endless, and we know the decision can be overwhelming—that’s why we’ve created a Smart Chart that will help you narrow down your choices.


Take a deep dive into HMG Creative with our latest Capabilities Deck. Get to know us better as you explore our core services, brand story, and guiding principles. We’ve even included highlights on our favorite projects so you can check out more of our work!