Case study

Babson Diagnostics

Services Provided:

Babson Diagnostics is a medical technology company working to improve customers’ health by making diagnostic blood testing more convenient, accessible, and human.

The Challenge

Babson Diagnostics approached us as an established startup poised for growth but limited by its web presence. Babson’s previous website misrepresented the esteem of the science behind its brand. In preparation for growth and increased brand awareness, Babson required a more sophisticated web presence that would more effectively appeal to its primary audience of potential investors over competitors with a superior brand presence.

Moving into series B funding and urgently pressed with the upcoming deadline of a critically important press release, time was of the utmost importance for this project. As a solution, HMG Creative proposed building a landing page to serve as the brand’s primary web presence while our team developed a comprehensive, detailed site.

Because Babson came to us with a strong brand identity, we were able to rapidly design and launch the landing page based on the brand’s current visual aesthetic. While we got to work on the rest of the project, the landing page served as an effective destination for potential investors.

Throughout the build, Babson’s primary concern was developing a secure site. Our team took into consideration potential security breach concerns and kept that as our number one priority as we developed.

Our team’s approach was guided by Babson’s goal of creating customer-friendly diagnostic testing fueled by scientific innovation. However, conveying technological advances in the healthcare industry with a friendly, personable vibe was challenging from a design perspective.


To determine the most effective site structure, we identified the various audiences that would be visiting the site and mapped out unique user journeys. Each step of our design and development was informed by a purpose-driven approach, evaluating each target audience’s predicted interaction with the site.

Through collaboration and an iterative process with the Babson team, we crafted a design that incorporates a fluid amoeba shape reminiscent of biological cell life, balanced with clean, sharp lines in white space to elevate simplicity and professionalism.

The selected imagery throughout the site aligns with Babson’s trustworthy brand and mission to offer an improved, patient-centered experience.

A clean aesthetic with high contrast and intentional use of white space allows for easy navigation throughout the website and a straightforward display of Babson’s innovative medical technology.


AshBritt Environmental’s new site provides straightforward information about disaster response, outlines the scope of services offered, and showcases the organization’s excellence in the storm recovery business. With the threat of natural disasters ever present on the horizon, AshBritt is now better positioned to digitally connect with the people and communities that need its expertise the most, in their time of greatest need.

After the site’s launch, HMG has enjoyed a continued partnership with AshBritt, actively supporting all ongoing creative service needs.