Case study

Children’s Medical Center Research Institute

Services Provided:

Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) is a joint venture of UT Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center Dallas, the flagship hospital of Children’s Health.

The Challenge

CRI sought a website transformation that would artfully elevate their brand while adhering to contemporary web standards, including mobile optimization and user-friendly navigation. Their primary objective was to spotlight their latest breakthroughs and pioneering research endeavors, aiming to attract leading global researchers and establish themselves as a valuable resource within the research community.


Though CRI’s existing website was large and complex, with hundreds of pages of content, our approach was simple – modernize the look and feel of the site using web best practices, and re-prioritize content to bring their latest developments and research achievements to the forefront of their site.

Web Strategy

After thoroughly assessing the content structure of CRI’s existing site, we worked hand in hand to reprioritize content on highly visible areas of the site in order place a spotlight on their most recent developments and significant achievements. By carefully curating the website’s focal points, we ensured that visitors are immediately greeted with a dynamic and impactful representation of our client’s accomplishments.

Web Design

From a visual design standpoint, we centered on modernizing the representation of our client’s brand on their website by leveraging industry best practices. We worked to harmoniously blend contemporary design elements and web standards, and were able to refresh their online identity, ensuring it resonated visitors and presented a smooth user experience.

Web Development

Our guiding principle through the development process was to harness industry best practices to craft a website that exemplifies both scalability and user-friendliness. By adhering to the highest standards in development, we created a system that not only readily adapts to future content but also simplifies the site management process.


As a result of the site redesign, the strategic content restructuring realigns the focus on CRI’s most significant achievements, catering to their goal of attracting top-tier researchers and serving as a valuable resource for the research community. Concurrently, the revamped visual elements better convey the essence of the client’s brand, creating a more cohesive and inviting online presence. The outcome is a website that not only highlights the client’s remarkable accomplishments but also embodies their brand identity, providing a powerful tool for recruiting the best researchers while leaving a lasting and professional impression.