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Gutchess Lumber

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Gutchess Lumber is a global leader in sustainable, premium northern hardwood. Since 1904, they have produced quality northern hardwood lumber across New York and Pennsylvania.

The Challenge

Gutchess Lumber sought a few things through the redesign of their website. They were keen on boosting lead generation with their existing customer base, necessitating a revamp that prioritized clear and crisp aesthetics for the site. Additionally, they wanted to enhance brand awareness by weaving an engaging narrative into the design while spotlighting their commitment to environmental sustainability. Adding a touch of interactivity and easier navigation was also a priority.


Web Design

Our goal during the design process was to breathe new life into our client’s online presence. By solidifying a color scheme that seamlessly complemented their brand identity, we not only elevated aesthetics but also reinforced their unique identity in the digital realm. Our design highlighted their environmentally friendly practices as a central theme, fostering a sense of corporate responsibility and sustainability. Simultaneously, we tackled the issue of navigation, making the site an intuitive and delightful experience for users. We introduced a range of engaging visual elements and interactive features, ensuring that visitors would stay immersed and informed. 

Web Development

During the development of our client’s website, our primary objective was to adhere to best web practices to ensure an exceptional user experience. Mobile responsiveness was a paramount consideration, as we strived to create a site that adapted seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. To empower our client with effortless content management, we implemented a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). This choice not only simplified the process of updating and maintaining the website but also provided our client with the necessary tools to manage their content independently.


Through Gutchess’ web redesign, we were able to take their online presence to the next level by implementing a fresh color scheme and typography that breathed new life into their brand. We strategically integrated powerful imagery and engaging graphics and UI that not only captures attention but also conveys the client’s message effectively. In addition, we reprioritized and organized the content to better tell Gutchess’ story, placing focus on who they are and how they standout against their competitors.

Throughout this transformation, we remained steadfast in our commitment to best web practices, ensuring a seamless user experience and improved site performance. The result was a website that not only looked stunning but also told the client’s story in a more impactful and user-friendly way.


Increase in Engagement Rate


Increase in Organic Traffic YoY


Increase in Traffic to Secondary Revenue Generating Page