Case study

Northern Colorado Hospitalists

Services Provided:

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Northern Colorado Hospitalists (NCH) is a group of Hospitalists who provide patient care and work alongside Hospitalist nurses in the Northern Colorado Region.

The Challenge

When NCH approached us, they were looking for a way for their digital presence to elevate their brand perception. They asked if we could help develop a new logo and visual brand, and redesign their website to aptly showcase their new brand identity and strategically position the organization for expansion.


Our approach was to bring their visual and digital presence up to par with their current standing. By crafting a new logo that encapsulated their contemporary identity and revamping their website using best web practices, we aimed to successfully reinvigorate their brand and provide an engaging, user-friendly digital presence that reflects who they are now.

Logo Design

During the early phases of the project, Heard Museum’s goals were oriented towards producing an intuitive, family-friendly, and nature-inspired website. Heard Museum strategized to improve user experience and update visual branding on the new website. Once aesthetic and functional goals were defined by our team, HMG began testing user journeys, restructuring site navigation, updating messaging, and refreshing visual design. After conducting a thorough analysis on how users were utilizing the website and identifying pain points, the site structure was reprioritized. The intent was to make it easier for a user to find primary information while still easily accessing more detailed information such as events, programs, etc.

Web Design

In our recent web redesign project for our valued client, we orchestrated a transformation that breathed new life into their digital presence. By introducing a fresh color scheme, updated typography, and prominently showcasing their new logo, we revitalized their website, aligning it with the client’s evolving identity and ensuring it stands as a modern and cohesive representation of their brand. The result is a website that not only looks the part but also accurately conveys the essence of our client’s business.

Web Development

Our approach to the development process was marked by its simplicity and precision. Our goal was to develop the site in a way that not only adhered to the best web practices but also offered an effortless management experience. By focusing on a straightforward and streamlined design, we ensured that our client’s website is not only user-friendly but also built on a robust, easy-to-use platform, ultimately making it a breeze to maintain and manage while upholding the highest industry standards.


Through this comprehensive web redesign project, we unveiled a refreshed brand identity for NCH, harmoniously blending their professionalism with the stunning Colorado mountain backdrop. Our team crafted a new website that fully integrates this reimagined brand, employing full web responsiveness, streamlined navigation, and user-friendly management. The result is a digital presence that not only captures the essence of our client but also ensures a seamless online experience for their audience, firmly establishing their place in the digital realm.