Case study

Taiga Data

Services Provided:

Taiga Data provides a platform for convenience store retailers that helps drive revenue, profit and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining operations across every level within a business from executives to store associates.

The Challenge

Taiga was on a quest to revamp their digital identity, aiming to elevate their brand perception. They entrusted HMG with the creative challenge of fashioning a cutting-edge website that not only encompassed the entirety of Taiga’s expertise and capabilities but also effectively communicated with their audience, strategically propelling the company toward future growth.


Logo Design

Our first step delved into the process of crafting their brand story. This required a meticulous examination of the existing brand’s information, mission, and ethos. Our goal was to unearth the essence of their identity, aspirations, and unique qualities, as this served as the pivotal cornerstone for all subsequent phases of the project. This intensive brand exploration was the creative heartbeat that fueled the strategic path forward.

Web Design + Development

Leveraging the strategic foundation established during the initial brand story phase, we embarked on a dynamic web redesign project aimed at expanding the site’s functionality, ushering in a fresh, modern aesthetic, enhancing the overall user experience, and introducing a clear and intuitive content hierarchy.

This comprehensive approach allowed us to seamlessly infuse the website with a host of new features while maintaining a user-centric design, ensuring that the client’s digital presence not only evolved but flourished.

Additionally, to ensure ease of management and maintenance, we incorporated a user-friendly CMS that empowers the client’s team to effortlessly update content and make necessary changes.


As a direct outcome of the project, the strategic foundation laid in the initial brand story phase bore fruit. We undertook a dynamic web redesign initiative to expand the site’s functionality, introduce a contemporary aesthetic, enhance the user experience, and establish a clear content hierarchy. This holistic approach seamlessly integrated a plethora of new features while preserving a user-centric design, resulting in a website that not only looked the part but operated effortlessly. To ensure simplicity in management and maintenance, we implemented a user-friendly CMS, empowering the client’s team to update content and make necessary changes with ease. The ultimate achievement was a website that authentically represented the brand’s essence and functioned as a dynamic, sustainable digital asset.