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Case study

Taylor Linens

Services Provided:

Started in 1922 by James Taylor, Taylor Linens offers excellent service and quality products that intertwine the needs of today with the workmanship of yesterday.

They craft bedding, nightwear, and accessories with lots of love and skilled hands.

The Challenge

Taylor Linens had been running its eCommerce website on Adobe Business Catalyst since 2012. Unfortunately, Adobe announced that it would be ending Business Catalyst in fall of 2021.

Instead of seeing this as a roadblock, Taylor Linens chose to recognize this as an opportunity to improve its website and create a better experience for customers. The existing site was due for a refresh as it lacked modern features like automated inventory management and a responsive design. Our main goal in redesigning the website was to modernize its functionality and user experience while retaining the heirloom, hand-stitched aesthetic that Taylor Linens customers know and love.


Visual Design

With an increased emphasis on driving online sales, due in part to the onset of COVID-19, we knew that Taylor Linens’ products would need to be the stars of the new website.

The brand’s timeless, vintage-inspired designs served as the foundation for the layout and color scheme. Our team incorporated plenty of white space to produce a clean look and allow the site’s high quality product photos to stand out. Not wanting to add too much color into the mix and distract from the images, we used the brand’s soft pink for the call to action buttons. For text and accents, we incorporated a light and earthy brown that provided contrast while staying in line with the brand’s homemade style.

Throughout the new website, we crafted the animations to be soft and elegant. This helped to convey the feeling of comfort that Taylor Linens delivers through its products, while also creating a seamless user experience.

Web Development

Because Taylor Linens was moving off of Adobe Business Catalyst, the company needed an entirely new CMS and eCommerce platform to run its site on. This site migration also offered the perfect opportunity to add some modern functionality to the site, for both customers and staff.

To achieve this, we built the new website on WordPress and incorporated the Elementor page builder so content and products could be easily edited by the Taylor Linens staff. The new site was designed to be completely responsive, so it will function consistently across any desktop, phone, or other mobile device.

Taylor Linens needed a comprehensive eCommerce framework, so we implemented WooCommerce to create a powerful online store. To further streamline production, we synced QuickBooks and MyWorks to automate the inventory management and accounting processes, both of which Taylor Linens was performing manually on its old site. The result is an efficient online store that will drive more sales while requiring less maintenance.

Throughout the entire build, we were very mindful of improving Taylor Linens’ SEO. The old site lacked the important metadata and descriptive body text that Google needs to properly crawl and categorize websites. To correct this, all new pages were built with the necessary information for a solid SEO foundation that will help to increase Taylor Linens’ organic reach.


With the additions of a responsive design and more robust eCommerce platform, the new Taylor Linens site is more than capable of handling any and all traffic that comes its way. Even with the modern additions and updated interface, the site has retained all the vintage-inspired charm that the company is known for.

Now equipped with a fresh website and updated online store, Taylor Linens is ready to expand its web presence and take advantage of whatever opportunities come next for its growing business.