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10 Business Apps You Need in Your Life

10 Business Apps You Need in Your Life

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 by

We do everything from our smartphones and tablets. New apps help us organize our lives, track our health and keep us connected to friends and loved ones. In any business, there are many aspects that need to be handled throughout the day, and many times it can seem overwhelming. To lower the stress of the average work day, here are a list of apps that could help you and your business:

  1. Trello

When it comes to organizing projects with groups, Trello should be your go to app. Being able to create “to-do cards” with the ability to add your team members is convenient for everyone. The cards update in real-time, so no need to edit and re-edit the list constantly.

  1. Proven

Looking for a new employee? Post on Proven. With features that let you categorize the applicants you’re interested or not interested in gives you more time to focus on your new hires. Proven has the ability to post on multiple job boards and post from multiple devices, making your life that much easier.

  1. Dropbox

Whether its sharing pictures or sharing documents, Dropbox allows everyone on your team to be in the loop. Take your documents and put them all in one place for anyone to pull up for any project.

  1. Polaris Office

Get the chance to edit word documents on the go. With the Polaris Office app, you are able to edit word documents and save them without worrying about being at a computer.

  1. 1Password

The mother load of all passwords. All in one app you are able to save every password for all your accounts in one place. Doesn’t seem safe? That’s why there is a master password to be able to get into the whole app. If you are the type of person that forgets which username/password is for each account, this app is for you.

  1. Expensify

No more worrying about those expense reports. With Expensify, you can use SmartScan to take a picture of your receipt and immediately send it for company approval. Once the report is checked, you are reimbursed immediately.

  1. LinkedIn

Keep in touch with your business contacts through one of the largest professional social media platforms. You can share relevant articles, post or apply for jobs, and connect with professionals within your field. It’s like Facebook, but for the white collar.

  1. Mailtracker

If you are the type of person that sends multiple emails a day and needs responses quickly, the Mailtracker app may be for you. From the built-in mailing app, you are able to see when, where, what device and how many times your recipient viewed your email. No more second-guessing about if your co-worker is ignoring your emails now!

  1. Genius Scan

Need to scan in a document but are on the go or don’t have a scanner at home? Just use your phone. With Genius Scan, you can take a picture of a document and upload it as a PDF. No more waiting till you’re in the office to send a document over.

  1. Forbes

If you are in the business world, you should keep up with it. New changes in the industry, new products, anything. With the Forbes App you can have all the news right there in your hands. Read responsibly.

Kate Gothing

Advertising Student at UT Austin; Social Media and Marketing Intern at HMG Creative; World traveler and burger enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram @kategothing

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