The Four M’s of True Entrepreneurship

Starting Off On The Right Foot

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. After all, who doesn’t want to be their own boss and build their dreams from the ground up? An entrepreneurial spirit is a strong guiding force, one that brings most people into the business world as if they have no other choice- to create, to inspire, to bring their passions to light. But as we all know, for every self-started business that launches into a fully actualized success, there are many that fizzle out into dreams that almost came true. That’s why it’s imperative to start your business off on the right foot. 


Welcoming, SEO Specialist, Matt Benevento!

We’re happy to welcome SEO Specialist, Matt Benevento, to our team! As an SEO Specialist, Matt will assist in offering more in-house web solutions and services to our clients. Matt is a friend and former co-worker of our Front-End/Visual Designer, Mauro Lopez, and our Senior Visual Designer, Blaine Bowers. Thereby, we’ve been hearing good things about Matt for quite some time.



Austin’s Best Restaurants for Every Occasion | HMG Creative

If you’re anything like us, you know that living in a city with as much culinary excellence as Austin is both a blessing and a curse. Out of all the cities in the U.S., Austin was ranked number 2 for having the most exciting food scene, second only to L.A. (ok we’ll give you that, Californians). That means an endless list of options, guaranteed to infinitely delight and – at some point – strike you with the cruel plague of indecision.


What Is a KPI and How to Choose KPI Marketing Metrics

What Is a KPI and How to Choose KPI Marketing Metrics

KPI = Key Performance Indicator

A KPI is a metric that you can use to measure your company’s or campaign’s performance against a predefined target. This metric is often linked to the user experience and can be used to determine if your current levels of service and support are meeting expectations. There are many types of KPIs and choosing the right one depends on your business’s goals. A good key performance indicator is measurable, timely, and contributes to learning and growth. It should also tangibly connect to your business’s goals.


How to Use Heat Maps to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Using a heat map is a great way to understand your visitors’ behavior. By identifying the areas where visitors are spending the most time, you can optimize your pages to increase conversions and growth. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s simple to get started with a heat mapping tool or a spreadsheet. Most heatmaps only take a few minutes to set up, and you can then access reports to see exactly where your visitors are spending most of their time. Heatmaps can become even more powerful when connected to web analytics tools. Continue…

Welcome our new Visual Designer, Jennifer Tu!

Say howdy to our new Visual Designer, Jennifer Tu!

Jennifer will primarily be managing design assets and systems for our client, Thermo-Fisher. We’re looking forward to working with her and welcoming her into our office. Learn a little bit more about Jennifer’s background, hobbies, and passions below!