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The Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac & Windows


Work harder, not smarter, right? Right! That’s why we’ve compiled all of the best keyboard shortcuts for both Mac & Windows. 

Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Job Easier

We’re always looking for ways to maximize efficiency and workflows at HMG, and what better way than to employ skills that help reduce screen time in your personal life and at work. Made for marketers and non-marketers alike, these shortcuts will save you time and energy. Collectively reduce your work hours by implementing the best keyboard shortcuts throughout your day. Utilize your newfound time learning new skills or reading about emerging topics in your industry. 


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Our team actively uses some, if not all, of these shortcuts in their daily work. Search this page for exactly what you’re looking for with Cmd+F or Ctrl+F. Also, don’t forget to bookmark (Ctrl+D or Command+D) until you’ve taken what you need. Or feel free to download the document files and save them (Ctrl+S or Command+S) to your desktop for quick and offline accessibility (Ctrl+P or Command+P)! 

If you would like to learn how to save even more time on your marketing or web design projects, we would love to connect with you. Now, let’s dive in. 


Macs VS. Windows

Differences in Shortcut Keys

Whether you use Apple or PC programs, each shortcut can vary slightly. Apple and PCs have different naming conventions for the various shortcut keys, so be aware of your program type before implementing. Please, keep reading to get the rundown on each and how they differ.


The Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac 

Differentiating Shortcut Keys for Mac

The most common Apple shortcuts use the “command” key. However, other shortcuts commonly use the option (alt), control, and shift keys. 


Most Commonly Used Shortcuts for Mac

Copy: Command+C

Paste: Command+V 

Search computer files: Command+space bar

Find keyword: Command+F

Undo: Command+Z

Redo: Command+Y

Select all: Command+A 


Lifesaver Shortcuts for Mac

Reopen closed tab: Command+Shift+T

Undo last: Command+Z

Redo last: Command+Y

Quickly search files on mac: Command+Space Bar 

Force quit unresponsive programs: Command+Option+Esc


Text Formatting Shortcuts for Mac

Tip: Highlight desired text or use the shortcut before beginning to type.

Copy: Command+C

Paste: Command+V 

Paste without formatting: Command+shift+V 

Cut: Command+X

Bold: Command+B

Underline: Command+U 

Italicize: Command+I

Add Superscript: Ctrl+Shift+Command++ 

Add Subscript: Ctrl+Command+-

Make highlighted text larger: Command+Shift+>

Make highlighted text smaller: Command+Shift+< 

Insert line break: Command+Return

Make a bullet: Option+8 

Find word or keyphrase: Command+F

Undo last: Command+Z

Redo last: Command+Y

Select all: Command+A 

Move cursor to front of text: Command+Right Arrow 

Move cursor to behind text: Command+Left Arrow 

Print: Command+P 

Insert hyperlink: Command+K 

Mac Shortcut Keys

Common Symbol Shortcuts for Mac

Show character viewer: Ctrl+Command+Space bar 

• Includes emojis and other symbols 

Registered symbol ®: Option+R 

Trademark symbol™: Option+2 


Browser & Application Shortcuts for Mac

Close current application: Command+W

Minimize current page: Command+M 

Reopen closed tab: Command+Shift+T

New tab: Command+T 

New window: Command+N 

Page refresh: Command+R 

Print: Command+P 

Save: Command+S

Zoom in: Command+ + 

Zoom out: Command+ –

Bookmark: Command+D

Bookmark manager: Command+Option+B

Show/hide bookmark bar: Command+Shift+B

Minimize browser window to dock: Command+M 

Preview file properties: Command+I

• Preview size, file type, and other document information in a pop-up window


Tool Shortcuts for Mac

Capture screen section: Command+Shift+4

Screen capture or screen record: Command+Shift+5

View properties of file: Option+Enter 

Interested in learning more Mac-specific shortcuts, click here!


Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Differentiating Shortcut Keys for Windows

The most common Windows keyboard shortcut uses the “control” key. But other common shortcut keys include Shift, Windows logo button, and Alt. Additionally, Windows shortcuts also often include the use of F1-F12, whereas Macs do not. 

Windows Shortcut Differentiating Keys

Most Used Windows Shortcuts

Copy: Ctrl+C

Paste: Ctrl+V

Cut: Ctrl+X

Bold: Ctrl+B

Underline: Ctrl+U

Italicize: Ctrl+I

Switch between open apps: Alt + Tab

Close the active item, or exit the active app: Alt + F4

Lock your PC: Windows logo key+L

Display and hide the desktop: Windows logo key+ D

Search for a file or folder in file explorer: F3

Refresh the active window: F5

Force quit an application: Alt+ F4


Lifesaver Shortcuts for Windows

Reopen closed tab: Ctrl+Shift+T

Undo last: Ctrl+Z

Redo last: Ctrl+Y

Quickly search files and documents: F3

Force quit nonresponsive programs: Alt+F4


Text Formatting Shortcuts for Windows 

Copy: Ctrl+C

Paste: Ctrl+V

Paste without formatting: Ctrl+Shift+V

Cut: Ctrl+X

Bold: Ctrl+B

Underline: Ctrl+U

Italicize: Ctrl+I

Add superscript: Ctrl+Shift+ =

Add subscript: Ctrl+ =

Make highlighted text larger: Ctrl+Shift+ >

Make highlighted text smaller: Ctrl+Shift+ <

Turn highlighted text into a bulleted or numbered list: Ctrl+Shift+L

Insert line break: Ctrl+Enter

Find word or keyphrase: Ctrl+F

Undo last action: Ctrl+Z

Redo last action: Ctrl+Y

Print: Ctrl+P 

Insert hyperlink: Ctrl+K 

Save document: Ctrl+S

Shortcuts but in image form

Common Symbol Shortcuts for Windows

Copyright Symbol: Ctrl+Alt+C

Create a bullet: Alt + 0149

Open file explorer: Windows Key+E


Browser & Application Shortcuts for Windows

New tab: Ctrl+T

Close current page: Ctrl+W

Minimize current page: Ctrl+M 

Reopen closed tab: Ctrl+Shift+T

Find word or keyphrase: Ctrl+F

New window: Ctrl+N

Page refresh: F5 OR Cntrl+F

Print: Ctrl+P

Zoom in: Ctrl+ +

Zoom out: Ctrl+ –

Bookmark: Ctrl+D 

View properties of a file: Alt+Enter 

Force quit application: Alt+ F4


General and Tool Shortcuts for Windows

Open windows snipping tool: Windows +Shift+S

• Selective screen captures and image editing

Lock computer: Windows +L

Open clipboard: Windows +V

View properties of file: Alt+Enter 

Force quit an application: Alt+ F4

Interested in learning more Windows-specific shortcuts, click here!


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