Best Web Design Courses For Beginners

Can You Learn Web Design Online?

Web design is an in-demand skill. As the tech industry grows and businesses around the world realize how important their digital presence is, web designers are needed more than ever. But you don’t need a computer science degree to tap into this ever-expanding and highly lucrative service, you can master web design on your own time. Learning web design online only makes sense! With so many learning platforms marketing their courses as the one-stop shop for a design degree- it can be difficult to know what’s worth your time and money. To save you the hassle of sifting through syllabi and endless reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the best online courses to become a web design wizard.


Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

The new decade brings a new boldness with it. This new invigoration can be seen everywhere — from TV ads to billboards, and especially to web design. Each new year is an opportunity for reinvention, and that’s most true for 2020. The pressure is on to stand out in many saturated industries, but the one thing all businesses have in common is their brand. As businesses and web design companies aim to establish a robust online presence, here are some of the biggest web design trends to watch for in 2020. You just might be inspired to implement some of them!


What Exactly is UX Design?

Web designers and developers are shifting the focal point of what drives their design techniques. With the introduction of user experience design, the user is at the center of the development process.  User experience designers consider every possible user story to ensure relevant information is easily accessible. If a website is difficult to navigate, it’s very likely that the customer will take their business elsewhere.


The Importance of Wireframing—What You Need to Know

As consumer power continues to rise, it is imperative to create a seamless user experience throughout your website. Wireframing is an aspect of user experience design that includes developing a skeletal framework of the website, and maps out content for functionality with the user journey in mind. By breaking the site down into it’s basic elements, designers are able to layout the skeletal roadmap of the overall website navigation and page structure before any visual elements are implemented. The user’s journey should be top-of-mind in creating the blueprint for website navigation ensuring top-notch, seamless usability. This will make desired information much easier to find, and ultimately drive business.


My Internship at HMG—What I Learned

Having taken two advertising classes before beginning my internship with HMG, my knowledge of the marketing industry was limited. I remember sitting in the conference room listening to all the tasks I was going to take on and all of the social media accounts I was going to manage and being so excited to expand my knowledge in the field of marketing. Fast forward seven months, and I can honestly say I’ve gained value far beyond the tasks given to me.


What’s Booming in Austin?

Earlier this year, U.S. News ranked Austin, Texas the best place to live in the United States. The city is growing faster now than ever, and people are wondering what is drawing such a large crowd to Austin. Along with it being the Live Music Capital of the world, Austin’s job market is thriving and businesses are flourishing. U.S. News analyzed the cost of living, job market, quality of life and desirability to determine rankings which resulted in Austin being the most desirable place to live in 2017.


Back Bar USA Website Redesign

We are happy to announce the completion of our website redesign project for Back Bar USA. At first glance, we knew this website needed a makeover to, and we were full of ideas on how to revamp their site and promote further success for Back Bar USA. After some initial discussions with Back Bar USA, it was clear that they needed a new website that was on par with their already popular and well known name in the Las Vegas area.

So who is Back Back USA? Back Bar USA is a full-service marketing and consulting firm with over 25 years experience in the beer, wine and spirits industries. They specialize in corporate and national account beverage programs with an emphasis on gaming, resorts, nightlife and fine dining segments of the hospitality industry. this guide turned out to be really helpful in my journey. Back Bar USA provides creative, cutting-edge, marketing and promotional campaigns for the nation’s leading suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, making Back Bar USA the, “beverage marketing company of choice for the world’s greatest businesses and brands!”

After thorough research and planning, we designed a fully responsive website via WordPress that utilized the latest technology in terms of web standards for Back Bar USA. We developed custom iconography and graphics to insure that the new website was both interactive and visually appealing. We also created an interactive database for the website, allowing potential clients to research and contact Back Bar USA’s talent.

We are very proud of the work we produced for Back Bar USA. Be sure to check out their website below. Looking to redesign your website? Don’t be a stranger, we are only a call away.

Back Bar USA’s New Website!

PrimoDish’s Premier Website

If you’re anything like me, when I sit down at a restaurant it takes a good 15 minutes for me to look at the menu and finally decide what special item I’m going to choose for my oh-so-important meal.

Entrée decision-making has now become much easier thanks to our awesome client, PrimoDish.  Based out of Austin, Texas, PrimoDish is an online company that provides information and ratings of the best, and worst, dishes at various restaurants and bars around the nation.

As a web-based company, PrimoDish came to us with extremely complex tasks that needed to be tackled.  In the kickoff meeting, we teamed up with our client to identify a list of critical factors and determined the desired target market to keep in mind throughout the re-development of the website.  By using storyboards, we were able to focus our attention on refining the overall user experience from the standpoint of an end-user.  From there, we constructed wireframe mock-ups that went through a series of revisions and additional enhancements.  Once the wireframes were solidified, we were able to build-out the GUI, or as I like to say, the “gooey.”  This is a graphical user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices using images rather than text commands.  Once our work was finalized, we handed over the front-end design (HTML, CSS and Javascript) to PrimoDish, where their dev team completed the implementation and successful launch of their new site!

Their website now provides visitors with a clean layout, accessible information and the these functional features:

  • Restaurant / Dish Rating System
  • Form Search using Google Maps (Auto Detect Location)
  • Social Sharing
  • Membership (Create Profile)
  • Social Networking (Friend-ing, Bookmarking, Sharing, etc)
  • Tagging
  • Blog

Signing up is super easy– so if you’re already wondering what you’re next meal will be, I’d suggest taking a look at their new and improved website.  Just provide an email, password and username and you’re set to search for the best dish in town!

Hungry for more?  Give us a call today and we’d love to chat about your next website!


Design Mockups

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