AI and Design: How to Evolve Alongside AI

Evolving with AI in the Design Community

As generative AI advances allowing ChatGPT to write copy in a matter of seconds and Midjourney to create a product mock-up in a blink, it’s understandable why designers everywhere are worried about their jobs. Although AI becomes more powerful each day it’s important to understand that there are aspects of design that will always need a human touch. After all, AI still can’t figure out how many fingers humans have and continues to generate 14-fingered handshakes! To see AI as a tool rather than a threat we have to understand where artificial intelligence excels and where it falls short. Design jobs will be safe and even more efficient as long as designers can evolve alongside AI rather than get left in its flawlessly rendered dust. 


Didn’t make Austin Startup Week 2018? Here’s what you missed.

Austin is a city built on collaboration. Along with a short list of other hot spots in the U.S., it’s a hub of innovation – the beginning of new thoughts, the cultivation of ideas that mature into realities to influence culture and change the world. What starts as a good idea with an individual ends with a community of enthusiasts supporting and advocating for a budding startup brand. As William H. McRaven put it in his graduation speech to the University of Texas Class of 2014, “What starts here changes the world.”

Together, we brainstorm, share ideas, and empower each other’s endeavors. Together we move forward into exciting new possibilities we’d never accomplish alone.


Oculus Go: Our First Jump Into Virtual Reality

You jump into another dimension where it is possible to be another person, from another place, with a different personality, voice, opinion and being; where you are able to reach someone else from across the world in a simple press of a button; where nothing around you is what you could really see. Right next to you, two people speak to one another in a conjoined space and time. Although the two interactions are both happening in the real world, one is facilitated by technology and the other is not. Virtual reality, the new trend sweeping the scene, seems to blur these lines by merging the physical world and the digital world.


10 Tech Gift Ideas for Father’s Day — All on Amazon!

In need of some gift-giving inspiration for Father’s Day? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s no secret that men love their technological gadgets and gizmos, so we’ve put together a list of tech gift ideas that your Dad is guaranteed to make good use of. To make things even easier for you, they’re all available to purchase on Amazon. And while Luxe sell Rolexes – if you’re looking to make an impact without impacting your credit score, grab your credit card and you’ll have Father’s Day covered with just a few clicks on Amazon!


Why It’s Worth Investing in a Custom Website

In today’s digital world, your website is one of the most important marketing tools for your business – every move you make usually refers back to it in one way or another. With more and more DIY template-based websites being launched every day, many business owners are faced with the question of whether or not they should invest in a custom website designed and developed by professionals.


Out With The Old & In With The New: An Intern’s Farewell

As this chapter comes to a close and I move into my senior year at The University of Texas, I have come to appreciate so many of the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way. Professionally, I have gained numerous skills and knowledge in the marketing and communications sphere. Personally, I have been pushed to challenge my boundaries and turn opportunities into accomplishments.


Q&A with Brandon Zeek, Web Developer at HMG

Here at HMG, we’ve found that it’s important to evolve over time in order to achieve longevity. Trends change so rapidly, and so we’ve always emphasized the importance of staying relevant.

Whether it be about our personal or professional lives, we are constantly learning new things from each other by asking for advice and information. After all, ‘everybody knows something you don’t’.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): What Does It Mean For My Website?

In the wake of the May 25th deadline for GDPR compliance, many brands were left wondering about what they should do to comply with this new European data protection regulation. With advice on the internet ranging from ‘do absolutely nothing’ to ‘pay a consulting company to audit your website and integrate GDPR-specific solutions’, it’s easy to understand why people are confused.


Google Chrome is Calling Out Websites With Unencrypted Connections

In 2016, Google announced plans for their Chrome browser that would push for a safer internet – they promised to mark all websites with unencrypted connections as “not secure”. This would make it easier for people to know if their personal information is safe as it travels across the web. Fast forward three years and Google have delivered on their promise – Chrome 68 has arrived and it’s naming and shaming all websites with unencrypted connections.


Apps On The Rise: Keeping Up in The 21st Century

With the rise of the iPhone, our society has quickly shifted in many respects. The ways we interact, the ways we find information, the ways we work and the ways we occupy our time have all been impacted by not only the advancement of mobile technology but the introduction of apps into our everyday routines. Now entire businesses revolve around the model of customer interaction via phone applications. Mobile traffic has given the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of companies to reach their audiences with more ease and efficiency, making transactions, and communication in general much more streamlined. By 2020, the predicted number of apps to exist will be 5 million (Perez, 2017), and the possibilities don’t stop there.