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Oculus Go: Our First Jump Into Virtual Reality


You jump into another dimension where it is possible to be another person, from another place, with a different personality, voice, opinion and being; where you are able to reach someone else from across the world in a simple press of a button; where nothing around you is what you could really see. Right next to you, two people speak to one another in a conjoined space and time. Although the two interactions are both happening in the real world, one is facilitated by technology and the other is not. Virtual reality, the new trend sweeping the scene, seems to blur these lines by merging the physical world and the digital world.

Just recently, Facebook released their latest and first wireless VR headset that incorporates one’s personal settings into a completely alternate yet genuine experience from we might see as the real world. This technology allows for users to “live” events and excursions that they most likely never would have the opportunity to otherwise.

Movie studios have taken advantage of the VR sphere in order to create extra hype and audience participation in their films. This is evidenced by Jurassic Park: Aptosaurus, one of the most popular game features for the Oculus headset. News outlets have also tapped into the market, creating channels which keep VR users up to date with the latest current events, pop culture and issues surrounding our global climate. Networks like Discovery are also letting you behind the lens and you’ve never experienced shark week so closely before. An all immersive VR experience lets you feel as though you are in the water right alongside the animals themselves. Just imagine, becoming an astronaut and floating alongside Tim Peake outside of orbit with NASA’s ‘Home’ Oculus game.

This technology has created an all new window of opportunity to put audiences inside of the experiences they watch other individuals have through the television or online. Introducing a more fully encompassing connection between brands and their consumers has never been easier.

So just what does Oculus Go include? Aside from a light and comfortable design featuring adjustable fabric headstraps and a standalone product, the Oculus Go boasts next generation lenses which provide clear and vibrant imaging for all viewing purposes. The integrated spatial audio and fast switching LCD allow for a seamless transition from physical to digital world. The headset connects to a free mobile app that lets users easily set up and maintain the features of their technology. The Oculus Go is available on www.amazon.com, www.newsegg.com, or in stores at Best Buy Electronics. The price is set fairly low for the experiences which users receive at $199 for 32GB or $249 for 64GB. Compared to Facebook’s first VR headset, Oculus Rift, which was priced at $399, this is a steal. Games can be priced starting as low as 99 cents and multiplayer games are available.

The 1,000 + VR games, social apps, 360 degree experiences and more that Oculus Go features along with easy connection to your favorite streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, sets Facebook up as a key frontrunner in the virtual reality movement. Although many people haven’t been able to try out this technology or necessarily understand its applications, the Oculus Go makes it easy for techies and children alike to immerse themselves in a deeper, more complex world with the switch of a hat. Marketers are going crazy over the capabilities that VR has allowed for their companies to tap into and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Oculus and much more.