How to Celebrate a 2020 Christmas in Austin

Somehow, it is December already. Paddle boarding on Town Lake is giving way to warming up with hot cocoa, and Zilker Park is already lit for this year’s Trail of Lights. While 2020 has been far from normal, closing out the year with some familiar festivities might be just what we need to start off 2021 on the right foot. To get your celebration started, we’ve compiled some of the area’s best offerings for a 2020 Christmas in Austin. Continue…

Didn’t make Austin Startup Week 2018? Here’s what you missed.

Austin is a city built on collaboration. Along with a short list of other hot spots in the U.S., it’s a hub of innovation – the beginning of new thoughts, the cultivation of ideas that mature into realities to influence culture and change the world. What starts as a good idea with an individual ends with a community of enthusiasts supporting and advocating for a budding startup brand. As William H. McRaven put it in his graduation speech to the University of Texas Class of 2014, “What starts here changes the world.”

Together, we brainstorm, share ideas, and empower each other’s endeavors. Together we move forward into exciting new possibilities we’d never accomplish alone.


Uniquely Austin Date Ideas: Summer and Fall Edition

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Austin is known for being one of the best cities for singles, making it a city full of first dates and hopefully many others afterward. Beyond the singles dating scene, anyone in a relationship has probably experienced how easy it is to get caught in a routine of go-to date night spots.

Whether you’re craving something new with your current SO (significant other) or looking for an impressive first date idea, here are a few local suggestions that break the typical dinner-and-drinks mold.