SXSW is Canceled, Now What?

SXSW is canceled for the first time in 34 years and all of Austin (and what seems like the rest of the world) is scrambling. Whether you planned on working the festival or attending as a guest, you’ve probably suffered a loss in one way or another. For attendees, refunds won’t be available as the festival is expected to go on at a later date. However, there remains a financial uncertainty for many small businesses, vendors, artists, and freelancers who expected a large portion of their income to come from this event. As expected, Austinites have banded together in efforts to support those who are affected by this cancellation. Here’s how you can help:


10 Reasons to “Fall” in Love with Austin This Season

While fall in most parts of the country drums up warm fuzzies of chilly breezes, golden landscapes, and snuggly sweater weather, fall in Texas offers a different cause for excitement: the heat wave is over.

After a sweltering summer followed by weeks of endless downpours, Austinites are ready for some reprieve from extreme weather. In a city primed for outdoor hangouts, fall in Austin promises a host of seasonal activities to be enjoyed and outside spots to be explored. Whether an Austin native or novice, there’s no better time to experience all Austin has to offer than the coming months of blissful 75 degree temps.


Didn’t make Austin Startup Week 2018? Here’s what you missed.

Austin is a city built on collaboration. Along with a short list of other hot spots in the U.S., it’s a hub of innovation – the beginning of new thoughts, the cultivation of ideas that mature into realities to influence culture and change the world. What starts as a good idea with an individual ends with a community of enthusiasts supporting and advocating for a budding startup brand. As William H. McRaven put it in his graduation speech to the University of Texas Class of 2014, “What starts here changes the world.”

Together, we brainstorm, share ideas, and empower each other’s endeavors. Together we move forward into exciting new possibilities we’d never accomplish alone.


Top Holiday Events in Austin 2018

It’s that time of year – the most wonderful time of year, to be exact! The holidays are among us and with them a whole host of new activities to enjoy in Austin. Grab your coat, some hot chocolate, and the fam, and head out for some holiday cheer at one of these can’t-miss Austin events. It’s the perfect chance to enjoy Austin’s weirdness in all of its wintry magic.