October Bucket List Series: Flea and Farmers Markets

October is the perfect month to stroll around and shop for fresh food and vintage finds- the weather is cooling down, everyone is in a cheery Autumn mood, cravings for pumpkin pie are peaking. Luckily, Austin is a hot spot for flea markets and farmers markets. No matter your schedule or budget, you can find the occasion to shop around every week this month. Plus, most are completely free to enter!


10 Reasons to “Fall” in Love with Austin This Season

While fall in most parts of the country drums up warm fuzzies of chilly breezes, golden landscapes, and snuggly sweater weather, fall in Texas offers a different cause for excitement: the heat wave is over.

After a sweltering summer followed by weeks of endless downpours, Austinites are ready for some reprieve from extreme weather. In a city primed for outdoor hangouts, fall in Austin promises a host of seasonal activities to be enjoyed and outside spots to be explored. Whether an Austin native or novice, there’s no better time to experience all Austin has to offer than the coming months of blissful 75 degree temps.