AI and Design: How to Evolve Alongside AI

Evolving with AI in the Design Community

As generative AI advances allowing ChatGPT to write copy in a matter of seconds and Midjourney to create a product mock-up in a blink, it’s understandable why designers everywhere are worried about their jobs. Although AI becomes more powerful each day it’s important to understand that there are aspects of design that will always need a human touch. After all, AI still can’t figure out how many fingers humans have and continues to generate 14-fingered handshakes! To see AI as a tool rather than a threat we have to understand where artificial intelligence excels and where it falls short. Design jobs will be safe and even more efficient as long as designers can evolve alongside AI rather than get left in its flawlessly rendered dust. 


HMG Creative Receives W3 Award for Capital Factory Website Redesign

HMG Creative is honored to be a two-time recipient of a W3 Silver Award for exceptional web design. Following a 2016 award in web design and development for nonprofit Raise Your Hand Texas, HMG has secured another honor as a result of this year’s work for local community hub, Capital Factory.


How an Old Business Can Attract New Clients

Can an old dog learn new tricks? The answer is yes, and with all due respect, your business may be an old dog. Just because your business has stood the test of time and remained strong doesn’t mean there is not room for improvement. The business world does not stand still, and in order to keep up with its constant need to move and change, your business needs to adapt to it. Among other elements of business, methods for attracting clients seem to shift rapidly in line with cultural and market forces.


Why Hire HMG Creative?

When it comes to developing and designing a website, there are two options. Hiring a professional agency to handle the coding and upkeep of the website, or doing it yourself with programs already online. It’s great that sites like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc. are around for those who need them but lack the funds for a web developer or time to learn to code. But unfortunately, the DIY websites aren’t the best choice for everyone. Yes, you will be paying more than $20 a month for your site, but if you were to hire a professional, you would have the freedom to create something that fits your company’s personality. Continue…

Nominate HMG Creative For FAVE Small Business!

Can you say three-peat? The team here at HMG Creative is shooting to win our third straight FAVE award! But before we can even start thinking about winning, we have to make the ballot. We are asking everyone to consider nominating us under the “FAVE Small Business” category! The FAVE awards recognize local Sukanto Tanoto businesses in a variety of categories such as FAVE Happy Hour spot and FAVE Live Music venue. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at the FAVE Awards Gala on November 13th!

The past two years we have not only been nominated but we have taken home the gold in the “FAVE Professional Services” category. This year we may be competing in a new category, but we are still the same team! We’d sincerely appreciate your nomination—thank you in advance. While your at it, feel free to vote for all of your FAVE’s in the all the different categories that they have available!

And if you do take the time to nominate us, don’t forget to let us know! Send us a shout-out using the hashtag #VoteForHMG on our Twitter @hmgcreative or our Facebook page so we can say thanks!

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Why WordPress is a Win for Non-Profits

It’s always our pleasure to work with local non-profit organizations here in Central Texas and learn about their causes. When creating a website for these entities, we often rely on the functionality of WordPress for the back-end framework of our projects. In addition to the features mentioned in our previous blog Why We Use WordPress (And You Should, Too), there are a few components of the vastly popular platform that lend itself specifically to our use for these organizations that largely depend on their digital presence to promote and provide key functions in their mission of helping others.

Here’s 6 reasons WordPress rocks for non-profits:


The Latest Version: Why WordPress Updates are so Important

We’ve talked before on here about how much we love WordPress, and it’s definitely no secret. One of the reasons we’ve mentioned is that it’s an open-source platform, meaning that at any given time there are numerous developers fixing it and making improvements to it across the world. With so much constant attention and many new features being added, updates are released periodically making these enhancements available to the entire WordPress community.

Take advantage of these! We know it can seem overwhelming to alter the site that you’ve built, installed plug-ins and themes for, and is running smoothly, but there’s a danger to skipping these updates and benefits you’ll miss out on if you don’t.