The Latest Version: Why WordPress Updates are so Important


We’ve talked before on here about how much we love WordPress, and it’s definitely no secret. One of the reasons we’ve mentioned is that it’s an open-source platform, meaning that at any given time there are numerous developers fixing it and making improvements to it across the world. With so much constant attention and many new features being added, updates are released periodically making these enhancements available to the entire WordPress community.

Take advantage of these! We know it can seem overwhelming to alter the site that you’ve built, installed plug-ins and themes for, and is running smoothly, but there’s a danger to skipping these updates and benefits you’ll miss out on if you don’t.

Here’s a couple reasons keeping your WordPress up-to-date is so important:

Security defense

When running outdated versions of WordPress, your website becomes increasingly vulnerable to security breaches and malicious attacks. Hackers prey on outdated sites, and can wreak havoc on all of your hard work by stealing personal information, introducing malware, or adding malicious code to your content. Do yourself (and your site users) a favor by securing your site.

Bug fixes & functionality

Updates aren’t released for no reason. Even if you can’t see them, there may be small tweaks here and there that need to be made and serve larger purposes. Functionality is key, and the under-the-hood parts your website are the most important!

Avoid long-term trouble

Keeping up-to-date with the latest versions allows for easier transitions, and largely reduces the risk of having problems when moving from one version to the next. Especially when larger updates are released, falling behind by a few months or even a year can lead to huge problems when finally trying to make the jump up through multiple versions you missed. In short, avoid the headache of broken functionality and potential cost of redesign by staying on top of it and installing the updates as they are released.

The best of WordPress

Take advantage of the perks of the new versions! New versions mean fresh and improved features that you won’t want to miss out on. Installing updates can make your overall CMS experience easier and better in the long run.

Have you fallen behind on your WordPress updates? Confused about the process or unsure how to back up your data and update safely? Let us help! HMG offers a semi-annual update service to take care of all your WordPress worries.

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