AI and Design: How to Evolve Alongside AI

Evolving with AI in the Design Community

As generative AI advances allowing ChatGPT to write copy in a matter of seconds and Midjourney to create a product mock-up in a blink, it’s understandable why designers everywhere are worried about their jobs. Although AI becomes more powerful each day it’s important to understand that there are aspects of design that will always need a human touch. After all, AI still can’t figure out how many fingers humans have and continues to generate 14-fingered handshakes! To see AI as a tool rather than a threat we have to understand where artificial intelligence excels and where it falls short. Design jobs will be safe and even more efficient as long as designers can evolve alongside AI rather than get left in its flawlessly rendered dust. 


How to Bolster your Brand and Maximize your Digital Presence in the New All-Digital Era

History will define this season as the time when interacting and engaging digitally became just as successful as direct contact. As challenging as it is to put a pause on life and daily activities, we find ourselves more grateful than ever for the digital connectedness that allows business, communication, and responsibilities to continue remotely. Although not every business is able to make this seamless transition, each does have the opportunity to get creative with their digital presence and find new ways to connect with its customers in the digital space. With digital marketing as our area of expertise, the team at HMG Creative is eager to share the opportunities and tools available to help businesses thrive with their brand, web presence, and digital marketing efforts as the world around us continues to evolve.


Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Spoiler Alert: No. But it’s changing.


It’s no secret that we are venturing ever-further into the digital realm. And if 2020 is any preview of what is to come, it doesn’t look like that progression is slowing down. As companies big and small continue to devote larger portions of their budgets to digital marketing, it might be tempting to assume that traditional marketing is going to be left in the dust.  Continue…

Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

The new decade brings a new boldness with it. This new invigoration can be seen everywhere — from TV ads to billboards, and especially to web design. Each new year is an opportunity for reinvention, and that’s most true for 2020. The pressure is on to stand out in many saturated industries, but the one thing all businesses have in common is their brand. As businesses and web design companies aim to establish a robust online presence, here are some of the biggest web design trends to watch for in 2020. You just might be inspired to implement some of them!


Understanding Web Accessibility

The internet exists to function for all people regardless of physical or cognitive abilities, quality of technology, or environment. When this is true for an online platform, tool, or application it means it is accessible. Web accessibility allows for communication, interaction, research, entertainment, and more online opportunities — many of which can be excluding in the physical world. This creates a need for developers and organizations to create inclusive designs to make their content accessible to all.

Everyone should be able to easily navigate the web or contribute to it if they wish. This is what makes this virtual space so special. Easy navigation can mean that information is presented clearly or through various alternate sensory channels.


New Office, New Intern, No Problem!

Hey, there! My name is Thalia Carrillo and I’m the freshest member of the HMG Creative team. I’m thrilled to be the new Social Media and Marketing Intern! I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin less than a month ago, with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a minor in Sociology. My studies brought me to Austin four years ago, but I’m formerly and proudly an El Pasoan. When I’m not in either of those locations, you can find me traveling to places like New York, Mexico City, or Paris. I’ve even attended The University of London, where I studied Social Work.


Clutch Features HMG Creative as a Top Web Design Agency in Austin

One of the highest performing creative and design agencies in Austin, HMG Creative is committed
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HMG Named as Top 10 Web Design Agencies by Clutch & DesignRush

Who are we?

Here at HMG Creative, we strive to help you identify your company’s true brand. We work to be your personal navigators guiding you through the daunting world that is digital marketing. With award-winning expertise in strategy & brand, design, development, and marketing services, we work with you through your toughest projects in order to help your business grow. Continue…