The Four M’s of True Entrepreneurship

Starting Off On The Right Foot

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. After all, who doesn’t want to be their own boss and build their dreams from the ground up? An entrepreneurial spirit is a strong guiding force, one that brings most people into the business world as if they have no other choice- to create, to inspire, to bring their passions to light. But as we all know, for every self-started business that launches into a fully actualized success, there are many that fizzle out into dreams that almost came true. That’s why it’s imperative to start your business off on the right foot. 


Business Basics: Navigating the Digital World

For some of us, “going to work” isn’t a reality anymore. Many people have left their offices to work from home, and this isn’t always an easy transition to make, especially for those who have never worked remotely. Similarly, this can be difficult for business owners who run their business entirely or predominantly face-to-face. Adjusting to the online space can be difficult especially with the pressures of staying organized, productive, and in constant communication with your customers. To make it easier, we’re sharing some of our favorite online tools to help you and your team navigate the digital world.


Intro to Brand Story

Earlier this month, HMG Creative hosted our very first webinar, Brand Story: The Foundation. Led by our Senior Brand and Marketing Strategist, John Paulsen, this webinar was the first in a three-part series to help bolster brands. With a huge team effort, our first episode was a hit! We focused on helping businesses navigate their brand presence during this transitional time in our world. By sharing a sneak peek into our methodologies, we showed participants a few key steps to help their brand find its purpose again. Here’s how we did it:


Key Things to Know About Google Analytics to Improve your Website Analysis

Utilising Google Analytics is a necessity for any business website. But sometimes it can be overwhelming in terms of actually getting usable information from this powerful platform. In this article, we take a look at four key functions in Google Analytics that you can use to improve your analysis. 


Six Website Upgrades to Improve your Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is something that businesses of all sizes need to start taking more seriously. As your digital marketing and SEO efforts become more sophisticated you will attract more visitors to your site – but there’s no use getting lots of potential customers onto a page if they aren’t going to result into a sale. Here are six website upgrades you can use to improve your conversion rates.


Conquering an Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

It is estimated that by 2022, the number of email users will grow to 4.3 billion people – that’s half of the world population. *Cough, cough* that’s a lot of potential customers. If you aren’t using email marketing to reach your customers, then you are missing out on a multitude of benefits for your business.


Brand Refresh vs. Rebrand: What, Why & How

When it comes to a company’s success, there’s no doubting the importance of having a strong brand image. However, creating a brand that is completely timeless is nearly impossible. With the rise of technological advancements and the increased utilization of social media in the business world, maintaining brand relevancy is more important than ever. Continue…

Your Brand Story: How to Identify your Driving Ambition

A company with a mission or a mission with a company.

The difference is what Blake Mycoskie identified early on in his development of TOMS Shoes, a for-profit shoe business that quickly became one of the most successful and influential business models in recent times. TOMS is based on the one for one model: buy one pair of shoes and another pair will be donated to a child in need. Continue…

Vision & Mission Statements

Initially, we titled this article “Vision vs. Mission” to clarify the difference between an organization’s mission to accomplish something and its vision to make an impact. The final title, as you may have already noticed, lost the word “versus.” Strategically, we want to demonstrate that while mission and vision are two different thoughts, they are by no means competing. One has a more in-depth focus than the other, but the two work in tandem.