Introducing, Mauro Lopez!

Given the world’s current climate of uncertainty, we are thrilled to be hiring new team members still! Meet Mauro Lopez, HMG’s newest Senior Front End/Visual Designer. Mauro is a friend and former co-worker of our Senior Visual Designer, Blaine, so we knew he would be a great fit even before he got here! Continue…

Introducing our new intern, Tyler Gehringer!

Meet Our New Intern, Tyler!

Whatsup! I’m Tyler Gehringer, the newest Social Media & Marketing Intern here at HMG Creative. I’m a music producer/content creator from New Jersey, and have lived all over the country these past few years. The many surprises of 2020 have ultimately led me to Austin, where I am already beginning to feel at home. Continue…

Make It or Break It: Company Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

There is some debate whether Drucker actually said this but since his passing, we’ll never know. Either way, it’s a safe assumption that he believed it.

The Importance of Company Culture

If culture is so important, do you think it’s disingenuous to strategize it? After all, transforming a company’s culture can be one of the toughest undertakings an organization can assume. I’ve seen plenty of organizations that have tried basically everything with little success.


Meet Blaine, HMG’s New Senior Visual Designer

HMG’s got a new team member, and we’re excited to introduce you to him! Meet Blaine Bowers, our new Senior Visual Designer. Don’t worry – with a superhero name like Blaine Bowers, we already told him we expect nothing less than superhero powers. So far, he hasn’t disappointed. Get ready for a new bang at HMG.


Your Brand Story: How to Identify your Driving Ambition

A company with a mission or a mission with a company.

The difference is what Blake Mycoskie identified early on in his development of TOMS Shoes, a for-profit shoe business that quickly became one of the most successful and influential business models in recent times. TOMS is based on the one for one model: buy one pair of shoes and another pair will be donated to a child in need. Continue…

Why Apple’s New Ad Is Absolutely Genius

This week Apple released a new ad that is, quite frankly, as unlike Apple as can be. While Apple has for years been acclaimed for its eloquent, clean, inspiring, and rather calculated advertisements featuring its products, this week’s ad featured products in a much more realistic setting. Though the popularity of products from iPhones to AirPods is so prevalent that Apple no longer has to reiterate its slogan of “think different,” Apple has always been rooted to this famous catchphrase. Continue…

Eight Major Benefits of Work-Life Balance

According to Thrive Global, work-life balance is at the top of employee’s wish lists when it comes to overall happiness in the workplace. This study shows that people who have flexible schedules are more likely to keep their work schedule consistent and under control, as well as maintain a healthy home lifestyle. Ironically, the same study highlights the fact that even work-life experts struggle to sufficiently balance work and life.


Seven TED Talks on the Power of Collaboration

A great amount of research has gone into exploring the benefits of collaboration. In the talks listed below, seven experts explore where ideas can lead through collaboration and open-source solutions. They discuss how multibillion-dollar companies incorporate collaboration in the workplace today, where we could be as a society with increased daily collaboration and where human communication might go as technology advances. They also share personal experiences from using and contributing to open-source information, how it led to mass collaboration and their results.


Identifying Your Target Market

Identifying your target market isn’t easy, and it takes time. Once you’ve identified your target market, you need to get in front of them, grab their attention and give them a relatable reason for why they should choose your product or service. This is where it gets tricky–it is up to you to also give your customer something in return for their attention. In other words, you had better know your audience.


21 Ideas For Your Company’s Blog

You will hear from us time and time again, blogging is a great tool for connecting with your audience. The great thing about blogging is, there aren’t really any “rules.” The goal is to generate content that is both relevant, and interesting to your audience, in whatever creative ways you choose.

Generating blog ideas is not an easy thing to do, so to help you guys out, we have listed some great ideas for you to get the wheel rolling on your creative wagon.

Lists, Benefits, Tips, and How To’s

1. Point out common problems or mistakes in your industry and then try and offer up solutions on how to fix them.

2. Share a list of some things companies in your industry should try to avoid.

3. Offer a list of benefits of doing something, such as using a blog, or social media, etc.

4. Relate your how-to content to a current event or a celebrity. By doing this, it will give your content more of a personal and readable touch, making it more interesting and likely to generate some interaction.

5. Write a “how-to” article. This can be very successful if you keep it relevant to your audience. Be sure to give instructions with photos or infographics that help illustrate your point.