Guiding Principles: Laying the Tracks for Your Business

Ever since Built to Last was published in 1994, companies have been “core value” happy. Walk into almost any corporate office and you’re bound to see words like INTEGRITY, TEAMWORK, and this a good one, QUALITY, displayed on lackluster decals. Actually, there’s a better chance that you’ll gloss right over them – but they are there. Attempting to implement core values in this way is not only ineffective, but potentially harmful to your business. Thankfully, there is a more effective alternative- guiding principles.


Brand Story Infographic

Know Your Why

The world is overflowing with goods and services, and trying to set yours apart by simply explaining their features and benefits is no longer effective. There’s too much noise to cut through, and possibly a lot of competition in your field already. However, you do have something unique at your disposal. You have that beautiful moment of clarity when you realized WHY you wanted to start your company. You have your brand story. Continue…

Introducing, Becca Miles!

The HMG Creative team has gained a new team member and we’re more than thrilled about it! We’re happy to introduce Becca Miles as our new Visual Production Designer. Becca is filling a new role to support HMG’s longstanding partnership with one of our Fortune 500 enterprise clients. She’ll be working collaboratively with our design team, offering experience in visual design and HTML to provide digital production for the client’s web projects.


Make It or Break It: Company Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

There is some debate whether Drucker actually said this but since his passing, we’ll never know. Either way, it’s a safe assumption that he believed it.

The Importance of Company Culture

If culture is so important, do you think it’s disingenuous to strategize it? After all, transforming a company’s culture can be one of the toughest undertakings an organization can assume. I’ve seen plenty of organizations that have tried basically everything with little success.


Meet Blaine, HMG’s New Senior Visual Designer

HMG’s got a new team member, and we’re excited to introduce you to him! Meet Blaine Bowers, our new Senior Visual Designer. Don’t worry – with a superhero name like Blaine Bowers, we already told him we expect nothing less than superhero powers. So far, he hasn’t disappointed. Get ready for a new bang at HMG.