Introducing, Becca Miles!

The HMG Creative team has gained a new team member and we’re more than thrilled about it! We’re happy to introduce Becca Miles as our new Visual Production Designer. Becca is filling a new role to support HMG’s longstanding partnership with one of our Fortune 500 enterprise clients. She’ll be working collaboratively with our design team, offering experience in visual design and HTML to provide digital production for the client’s web projects.


#TeamTuesday – Ian Wilson

Our favorite Austinite believes aliens are out there somewhere, yet not truly living because they don’t have tacos in their lives.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Ian Wilson joined the HMG Creative team as a designer and developer. Though that’s what it says on his business card, he helps out with a little bit of everything in the office. Ian attended The University of Texas at Austin and studied Advertising. In his last few years, he was one of the lucky few to be accepted and finish Texas Creative, one of the hardest Advertising programs in the country. GO IAN! He has a great sense of humor, believes his spirit animal is a squirrel and is a great addition to any team. Continue…

#TeamTuesday – Ryan Johnston

If you like impromptu weekend beach trips, awesome food trucks, and Rainey Street bars, keep looking because we have that man on OUR team!

Ryan joined the HMG Creative team in August 2015 after perfecting his pizza making skills at a San Marcos pizza parlor. A recent graduate from Texas State University with a BFA in Communication Design, Ryan has shown off his skills as a visual designer on our growing team. He wanted to become a member of HMG Creative due to the diversity of our projects. In addition to letting his creative mind fly, he likes the small company aspect that HMG provides. When he’s not watching Adam Sandler movies or eating an unnecessary amount of pistachios, he’s creating awesome graphic design work for our clients and blog posts.