Brand Story Infographic


Know Your Why

The world is overflowing with goods and services, and trying to set yours apart by simply explaining their features and benefits is no longer effective. There’s too much noise to cut through, and possibly a lot of competition in your field already. However, you do have something unique at your disposal. You have that beautiful moment of clarity when you realized WHY you wanted to start your company. You have your brand story.

At HMG, we believe that this underlying ambition exists in every company, whether they are aware of it or not.

Let’s dive into brand story and discover why it’s so important. 


Brand Story Infographic


Story, Not Strategy- Your story is the unique reason for why you started your company, what you believe in, and what you hope to achieve. It is not your business strategy, features or benefits.

WHY- Your WHY is rooted in the first problem your business was created to solve. Once you identify your underlying WHY, you can solidify your ambition.

Vision & Mission- Your vision is you unwavering desire to see something created or changed. Your mission is your guide to making it happen.

Guiding Principles- Your guiding principles take your values and turn them into actionable principles. These are then used to form your brand culture and company language.

Messaging- Your messages should proudly communicate what you cannot change about your brand, instead of telling people what you think they want to hear.


Discover Your Story

Once you discover your brand story, it will become not only the foundation for how your business operates, but also the core of your company culture. Having this foundation set provides a clear and stable starting point for you to build from. 

Want to see how we discover and develop your brand story? Check out our process here.

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