Introducing our new intern, Tyler Gehringer!


Meet Our New Intern, Tyler!

Whatsup! I’m Tyler Gehringer, the newest Social Media & Marketing Intern here at HMG Creative. I’m a music producer/content creator from New Jersey, and have lived all over the country these past few years. The many surprises of 2020 have ultimately led me to Austin, where I am already beginning to feel at home.

My creative journey started with a love of music and film. My dad was always blasting music throughout the house, and my mom filmed everything (with one of those giant VHS camcorders, it weighed as much as she did.) As I got older, this inherent love of media led to filming local skaters and recording bands in garages and broom closets. Working with new musical artists continues to be a passion of mine.

During my travels I have seen a lot and built an eclectic resume. I have filmed for a professional ballet company in upstate New York, taken product photos for restaurants in Laguna Beach, and helped organize a concert series in Atlantic City. When I’m not creating I love exploring the outdoors. I’m a long way from the beach now, but the many greenbelts and swimming wholes of Texas are giving the ocean a run for its money! Once I get used to this Texas heat you’ll find me be paddle-boarding down Lady Bird Lake. If I’m not outside you can probably spot me at the movie theater or a new restaurant.

I’m still fresh to the marketing world, so being here at HMG is an incredible opportunity. There is no better way to learn something new than by jumping right in! Being around the people who do it best doesn’t hurt either. During my time here, I’m looking forward to unraveling the business side of the creative world. I am constantly on the search for something new and challenging, and can’t wait to find what Austin has in store for me!