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The world around us is different than it was yesterday. It is a frightening time for all of us, with the uncertainty of our health and well-being looming over our heads. For many people, it isn’t just our health that concerns us, but our jobs, businesses, and the state of the economy. All around us, it’s quiet. Restaurants, bars, and public spaces are empty. There’s no traffic on the streets. But if you turn on the television or log in to social media, the world seems louder than ever. We are transitioning our daily lives into the digital space, whether that means working from home or conducting business online. As a digital marketing agency, HMG Creative recognizes the need for businesses to communicate with customers and present themselves at their highest capabilities online right now. We want you to know we’re committed to doing our best to ensure that happens for you.

A Few Words From Our Founder

“We continue to monitor the evolving situation with the increased incidence of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the country. The safety and health of our team members remain our top priority. At this same time, we are committed to ensuring client needs and deliverables are still being met. Together we’ll get through this period of uncertainty and my hope is that it makes our team and partnerships stronger.” – James Trumbly

How HMG Can Help

Like most digital agencies, HMG Creative is fortunate enough to be able to continue collaborating and providing high-quality service for our clients during this trying time (while maintaining appropriate social distance, of course!). We understand that your usual channels of sale may have been completely derailed by this crisis, but our marketing experts are available to help you march on or rebuild as needed.

HMG can provide consultation on a strategic approach to your marketing efforts, equip your business for the future with a comprehensive marketing strategy, or deploy our team of specialists to integrate with your brand and become your marketing arm. In a time where digital is everything, we want your business to thrive, and we are committed to providing support for the many businesses that may be struggling right now. If you need digital experts to help you navigate this storm and guide you through next steps, let’s chat.

Many Thanks to Businesses on the Frontlines

We know many businesses are out there on the frontlines, helping curb the spread of this virus, and we thank you all for your hard work and support. We are incredibly grateful for the work of our partner, Thermo Fisher Scientific, who is leading the battle against COVID-19 by producing millions of test kits that will be distributed to labs across the country. At the current time, Thermo Fisher expects to scale production up to 5 million tests per week during the month of April, a critical move in helping our country catch more cases of the virus and prevent it from spreading.

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HMG Creative wishes you and your loved ones health and prosperity during this time. We’re all in this together and our team is committed to doing our part to helping businesses through this time. Please reach out at any time if there’s any way we can step in to support your organization and brand.