The Value of User-Generated Content (UGC)

The Value of User-Generated Content

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, user-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a powerful tool that every marketer should have in their back pocket. Gone are the days when traditional marketing tactics held the sole spotlight and in is the new dawn of user-generated content creating genuine connections between consumers and companies. Savvy marketers around the world understand the value of empowering their customers to become brand advocates and storytellers. User-generated content, authentically created and shared by individuals, has become a driving force shaping consumer perceptions, fostering trust, and propelling businesses forward. Come along as we delve into the remarkable effectiveness and undeniable value of UGC in the modern marketing world, exploring what user-generated content really is, why it’s important, how it works, and the key to harnessing its awesome power for your brand.


The Three Flavors of Instagram Accounts

The Three Flavors of Instagram Accounts: Personal, Business, and Creator

Instagram is one of the most essential social media tools you can leverage for your business. With over 2.35 billion active monthly users and 6.32% of the world’s population hopping on the app daily, Instagram is the key to unlocking a larger market than you ever knew was possible. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of Instagram as a tool comes down to how a business uses its profile, starting off at the most basic level- the type of account your business has. When it comes to account types, we like to think of them as 3 distinct flavors. A Personal Account is basic vanilla, a Business Account is chocolate, and a Creator Account serves as a chocolate vanilla swirl. Let’s dive into the features that distinguish each flavor and how to decide which type is best for your business.


9 Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2020

Do you want your brand to win on social media in 2020?

Are you looking to create a plan to engage your audience on social channels?

With the increasing influence of social media in our everyday lives, companies and marketers are looking to social media more than ever to connect with target prospects.

However, competition is steep. Social media is currently facing a content overload, and standing out will continue to be a challenge unless you have a clear and sharp social media marketing strategy.


Generate – Collaborate – Validate

In a world with continual platform updates and algorithm adjustments, changes in social platforms and search engines can leave a digital marketer’s world tumultuous at the very least. Continuing to adapt and learn has always been key to dominating the ever-changing digital landscape. To keep up, you must be willing to drop the ego and consistently learn new techniques, even if the ongoing changes make you want to pull your hair out.  Continue…

A 2019 Guide for Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram was initially introduced to the digital world in 2010 and quickly gained popularity. A few years later, Facebook took over its ownership with an estimated user count of 1 billion monthly active users. With the number of users rapidly increasing, Instagram was identified as an excellent tool for marketers to promote products, services and ideas. In May 2016, Instagram made a move that shifted culture, launching the Instagram business account – a powerful way for businesses to advertise and market. The feature is available for both IOS and Android globally.


How Social Media Marketing Can Improve Brand Reputation

In today’s world, social media remains one of the most dominant digital topics, as leading platforms continue to expand their audiences and account for a growing share of consumers’ time spent on the web.

Considering nearly half of social media users tend to share other people’s content more than their own, the way in which businesses use social media as a marketing tool is highly imperative to their success. Continue…

Instagram for Business: Your Guide to Insta-Marketing Success

Every day 500 million users open Instagram and start scrolling, ready for a personalized experience tailored to their unique interests.

The numbers are rapidly increasing. Instagram now has 2 million advertisers and 1 billion overall users. Seeking captivating stories told through stimulating images, Instagrammers come to the platform for content from their friends, family, and – you guessed it – their favorite brands. Continue…

Oculus Go: Our First Jump Into Virtual Reality

You jump into another dimension where it is possible to be another person, from another place, with a different personality, voice, opinion and being; where you are able to reach someone else from across the world in a simple press of a button; where nothing around you is what you could really see. Right next to you, two people speak to one another in a conjoined space and time. Although the two interactions are both happening in the real world, one is facilitated by technology and the other is not. Virtual reality, the new trend sweeping the scene, seems to blur these lines by merging the physical world and the digital world.


Corporate Culture: From Product to People

Culture; a word that has taken the corporate world by storm in the last decade. From how workplaces communicate, dress and think to the personalities they boast to their audiences, people are beginning to place labels on certain companies and their brands as a result of the people that represent them. Research shows that a company’s “culture”, is now one of the leading determining factors of candidate fit in hiring and recruitment practices.


Out With The Old & In With The New: An Intern’s Farewell

As this chapter comes to a close and I move into my senior year at The University of Texas, I have come to appreciate so many of the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way. Professionally, I have gained numerous skills and knowledge in the marketing and communications sphere. Personally, I have been pushed to challenge my boundaries and turn opportunities into accomplishments.