What We Learned From Launching a Webinar Series

At HMG Creative, our vision is to erase barriers to growth by being the go-to partner for brand development, website design and development, and marketing support. Our team works together under one roof in south-central Austin. Together, we’ve cultivated a fun and comfortable work environment where we work, eat, play plenty of ping pong, and grow as a team. Working under the same roof means smooth and effective communication with our clients and a seamless process within our own team.  Continue…

9 Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2020

Do you want your brand to win on social media in 2020?

Are you looking to create a plan to engage your audience on social channels?

With the increasing influence of social media in our everyday lives, companies and marketers are looking to social media more than ever to connect with target prospects.

However, competition is steep. Social media is currently facing a content overload, and standing out will continue to be a challenge unless you have a clear and sharp social media marketing strategy.


The Best 7 Minutes You’ll Spend Today

With the year coming to a close, 2014 “round-up” posts are taking over our social media feeds. We’ve seen a few good ones here and there, but we’ve got to say this one shared by Mashable takes the cake. We got an adrenaline rush from the first minute alone! Also go check the best shaver for men .

If you have a couple (seven-ish) minutes, watch this compilation of 223 viral videos that took over the internet this past year. Well done, YouTube.

On The Seventh Day of Christmas, HMG Gave to Me: Seven Shows-a Streaming

What makes a video go viral? Perhaps it’s the catchy dance-inspired jingle or the tooth biting little brother.  Whatever it is, we can all agree that they have one thing in common: originality. Add in some humor, sex appeal or complete random-ness and you have yourself a Grade-A viral anomaly. Here at Startifacts.com, take a look at seven of our favorite viral videos.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again

Felix Baumgartner

Gangnam Style

Dollar Shave Club presents best electric shaver


The Dog Strikes Back