5 Ways to Use Video in Your Digital Marketing


Businesses need to ensure that their marketing strategies are continually updated if they are to get the results they hope for. One of the most important trends at the moment is the use of video in digital marketing.

There are many benefits that are associated with video marketing. This includes the fact that customers want to see video content! Did you know that 87 percent of people want to see videos from brands?

If that was not enough, 90 percent of customers have stated that videos assist them in making buying decisions.

The case is pretty compelling, especially when you factor in that videos can effectively evoke emotions in those watching them and they are great for SEO purposes too. It’s also a great way to activate your users and get the ball rolling.

However, if you want to experience all of the benefits that video marketing has to offer, you need to carefully consider how you are going to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy. There are a number of different options for you to choose from, and below we are going to take a look at five of the best.

1. Demo Videos

Demo videos show how your products work. This could be a video of you unboxing a product and putting it to use or  a video of you taking viewers on a tour of some software.

A good example of a demo video:

This is a great video from the CEO of Beauty Bakerie, who showcases the brand’s new makeup setting mist, foundation, and concealer. Viewers get to see how the products will look in real life, as well as discover how to use them.

What are the benefits of demo videos?

There are a lot of benefits that are associated with demo videos. This includes the fact that you are proving that your product does exactly what you claimed it does. You can show customers that your claims are genuine and that your product is as amazing as you say it is!

Other benefits include providing a blueprint for how the product should be used, introducing customers to new products, and saving the time and expense that are associated with hiring a sales rep. You don’t need to invest in this sort of in-person sales approach, which is often highly costly and does not reach as many people.

A demo video will give you an excellent platform for explaining the key features and benefits associated with the product. You can also show certain features you have included, explaining why this makes your products the best choice. This is a great and easy way to drive more traffic to your website or blog.


2. Brand Videos

Normally, you would create a brand video as a part of a bigger marketing campaign. It will show your products and services, as well as your mission and vision!

A good example of a brand video:

We love this video from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams because it shows that you do not need to have state-of-the-art special effects or a massive budget to create a great brand video. This video perfectly embodies the small ice cream store, and you’re left in no doubt regarding the business.

What are the benefits of brand videos?

Brand videos can help to improve your conversion rates. According to HubSpot, you can enhance the conversions on your landing page by as much as 80 percent with video.

Other benefits include the fact that video encourages social shares, helping you to build up your presence on social network sites, as well as giving you the ability to build credibility and trust.

Aside from this, videos help to build trust and credibility, creating loyal relationships with your customers and followers.

Let’s not forget the fact that Google and other search engines love video as well. A lot of business owners do not realize that video is beneficial for SEO purposes since multimedia also gives your on-page SEO a boost.


3. Event Videos

If you are planning on hosting an event, it is a good idea to have a videographer on hand to capture it. This includes fundraisers, round table discussions, conferences, product launches, and much more! You can then get the expert to put together a highlight reel from the event. If you’re planning on editing it on your own, It’d make sense to invest in a good video editor to help you with creating content – you want it to look top notch.

A good example of an event video:

This video is a good example of an event recap. It shows footage of speaker Andrea Vahl at Animoto’s International Women’s Day Summit. It enables those who missed out to catch up on what happened while also keeping things interesting and easy to follow with the inclusion of graphics and screenshots.

What are the benefits of event videos?

Filming your event offers a number of benefits. You can enable your audience to watch your event after it has occurred. This gives people the opportunity to recap on things they may have missed, as well as enabling those to catch on if they were not able to be there in person.

You can also use these sorts of videos to market your next event. After all, when people see how incredible your latest event was, surely you will end up with a much higher turn out for your next event. This makes event videos great promotional tools.

These videos can also be used for other parts of your marketing campaigns, from your social media efforts to enhancing your site or event signup forms. Uploading the video to your website will enable your business to appear more modern and credible, giving you another method of engaging with your visitors.


4. Expert Interviews

Expert interviews can also be highly beneficial. These videos should include industry thought leaders who can help to create authority and trust with your target audience. You need to find the right influencers in your sector, whether they have the same point-of-view or not. This is what is going to give your business credibility. Don’t simply stick a “yes man” in front of the camera.

A good example of an expert interview video:

It is only right that we present an interview with an influencer, speaking about how to go from a student to an Instagram influencer. The interviewee, Gabby Epstein, tells everyone what they really want to know in a short and snappy interview, including how much people make per post!

What are the benefits of expert interview videos?

Interviewing industry experts presents a number of different benefits. The first benefit is the fact that you are going to be interviewing someone who already has a lot of credibility and a good following in the industry.

This means that you are going to be able to tap into their audience, which will automatically become your brand’s audience. This is a great way of reaching a much higher number of people.

Aside from this, expert interview videos offer real value to your customers, giving them the insightful and juicy content they are looking for. They are great for SEO purposes in this regard as well. Plus, you can show your business as a modern, experienced, and opinion-minded one, which respects and listens to the opinions of others.


5. Live Videos

Finally, we have live videos, which will give your viewers a special glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action at your business. These videos help in terms of drawing higher engagement rates and longer streams. Statistics show that people spend 8.1 times longer on live video when compared with a recorded video.

A good example of an expert interview video:


This is an example from a Facebook and Grazia collaboration. This involved the brand taking to Facebook Live to document a week’s worth of behind-the-scenes footage, which included allowing audience members to get involved in things like the GraziaxFB Brexit Debate, a cover shoot, and an editorial meeting. This is a great way for people to get closer to the brand than ever before.

What are the benefits of live videos?

As touched upon, one of the main benefits associated with live video is much higher engagement rates. People are more inclined to interact with live videos. Not only will they watch the video for longer, but they are more likely to interact by leaving comments and hitting the like button.

The good news does not end there either. Live videos present a rich use of content, giving you the ability to reach a wider audience. Also, live videos can still be accessed after they were filmed, so you essentially get double the benefits. You get the live, highly engaged audience, and you get all of the benefits associated with recorded videos as well.


Final Words

So there you have it: some of the different approaches that you can use when adding video to your digital marketing campaign.

All of the videos mentioned above offer numerous uses and benefits, yet to make the most of them you need to ensure that they are produced to a high standard.


This article comes to us from Darya Jandossova Troncoso. Darya is a photographer, artist, and writer working on her first novel and managing a digital marketing blog – MarketSplash. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, creating art, and learning everything there is to know about digital marketing.