My Internship at HMG—What I Learned


Having taken two advertising classes before beginning my internship with HMG, my knowledge of the marketing industry was limited. I remember sitting in the conference room listening to all the tasks I was going to take on and all of the social media accounts I was going to manage and being so excited to expand my knowledge in the field of marketing. Fast forward seven months, and I can honestly say I’ve gained value far beyond the tasks given to me.

My timing with joining HMG was optimal, as I got to witness and participate in the rebranding process first hand starting at the root of the company. I was able to work with our marketing coordinator, Emily, to generate a list of core values that represent HMG Creative. We started off with words, which turned to sentences, until we finalized a group of phrases that best suited HMG. We then got to watch our own language turn to art as the core values we produced became a mural on the wall right when you walk into the office.

Having a minor in Rhetoric and Writing, I was hoping I would be able to use writing in this internship. I was ecstatic when I was tasked to produce multiple blogs per week which allowed me to delve into researching the marketing industry, and expand my knowledge and understanding of the innovations in the fields of marketing and advertising. Writing these blogs gave me the opportunity to learn the terminology and services of the marketing industry. I am now comfortable in my understanding of marketing vernacular such as SEO, PPC Advertising, Inbound Marketing, A/B Split Tests, Wireframing, tracking ROI, UX Design, and so much more.

In the past few weeks of this internship, I was tasked with the seemingly daunting responsibility of writing eBooks. Understanding that eBooks can be vital to our inbound marketing strategy, I felt immense pressure to produce something that serves to demonstrate our expertise as a company. Once I began writing, these eBooks felt almost like a final exam for this internship. As I started to put words on the page, I realized how much I have truly learned working here. Being able to tie in my previous blogs to sections of the eBook and write in depth about concepts that were so foreign to me just seven short months ago solidified how much I have learned here at HMG Creative.   

I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow at such an amazing company. Working here reassured my decision to enter the marketing industry in my future. I’ve enjoyed every single day I’ve come into work, and I look back on this experience with nothing but positivity. Thank you, HMG Creative!