What’s Booming in Austin?


Earlier this year, U.S. News ranked Austin, Texas the best place to live in the United States. The city is growing faster now than ever, and people are wondering what is drawing such a large crowd to Austin. Along with it being the Live Music Capital of the world, Austin’s job market is thriving and businesses are flourishing. U.S. News analyzed the cost of living, job market, quality of life and desirability to determine rankings which resulted in Austin being the most desirable place to live in 2017.

There are multiple free shows in Austin just about every night. With companies like Do512 and 365ThingsAustin, you can sort through everything going on in Austin on any particular day and make after-work plans just like that.

Although nightlife in ATX is booming, that’s not the only reason people are flocking to Austin. The tech industry is offering more jobs in Austin than any other industry. Tech startups are popping up everywhere, and companies need to fill roles like data scientists, web designers, and UX designers more and more each day.

What’s next? Austin is expected to have a population of about three million by 2030, currently sitting at just over two million. With the number of people moving to Austin steadily increasing, homebuilders are having a tough time keeping up with the demand—hence the skyrocketing living expenses. So whether you’re in the job market or simply looking for a cool, hip place to relocate, now is the time to get here!