Welcome our new Visual Designer, Jennifer Tu!


Say howdy to our new Visual Designer, Jennifer Tu!

Jennifer will primarily be managing design assets and systems for our client, Thermo-Fisher. We’re looking forward to working with her and welcoming her into our office. Learn a little bit more about Jennifer’s background, hobbies, and passions below! 

We Asked Jennifer To Tell Us About Herself

I was born and raised in Fresno, California. We moved to the Austin area last November. I am a mom to the most amazing 2-year-old, Archer, who will be a big brother next year in April. I have been a graphic designer for 10ish years. My education is actually in Interactive Multimedia, but I have been working professionally in print and marketing. I am hoping to move into UIUX (Visual) design and am currently upskilling with an amazing, local non-profit, AUTM.

Jennifer and her son

What are your personal and professional goals for 2020?

Hoping to gain a better understanding of User Experience design and try to empathize with the user versus what I think the user needs.

What would your last meal be?

A big bowl of Pho. It’s like a big warm hug on a cold rainy day. Go try it. TRUST me.

Photo of bowl of pho and Jennifer's son

Who would you say is your role model? Why?

My older sister, Bobbie. My mom passed away from breast cancer when I was really young, so my sister was my role model growing up. She inspired me to become an independent, education-driven woman.

Jennifer and her sister at her wedding

Why did you choose to work for HMG? 

I’ve always wanted to work in an agency setting. Obviously, due to Covid, I am working remotely. But so far, in the past two weeks, James has been super supportive. I haven’t had a boss like that before, and I feel super fortunate. I also really resonate with the values the company holds, such as always being responsive and accountable. I never try to make excuses for mistakes but take it as a learning opportunity to be better.