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Is Your Business Card “Cardworthy”?

Posted on May 22, 2012 by

Years ago, a former marketing professor from the Gonzaga School of Business had given our class a few words of wisdom as we approached graduation weekend and were about to hit the pavement looking for jobs.  He said, “Dress sharp, get yourself a nice pair of dress shoes, polish up your resume and invest a little in a quality set of business cards.  It will set you apart from the competition.”  If you think about it, everything he said has to do with the first impression we’d make as first time job hunters.

Recently, I reflected back on Suppliers Compared and realized that his advice still holds true, except that my resume has been replaced with an informational brochure.  Yet it baffles me that as simple and straight forward as this advice might seem, I come across so many, yes,  “crappy” business cards.  Weeks or even months later as I’m thumbing through the pile of cards I’ve collected, the first thing I associate with the quality of the company, is the quality of their business card.  Mainly because I don’t remember much and this is the only tangible thing I have in my possession representing them. If a company isn’t going to spend the time to put some thought into designing their own business card, what does that say about the quality of job they will do for me?   Let’s just say there are some cards, unfortunately, that get thrown in the trash.

So for those running low on business cards and are contemplating another batch of the same old card, I recommend going to DX Print Group. If you are unsure if you should change your card, my alter ego, Rob Cardworthy has put together a list of things that may indicate “You might need a redesign.”

  • If your card looks like it may have been printed on a “black and white” printer kopen, then you might need a redesign.
  • If your card has corrugated edges and looks like it was printed on coupon paper, then you might need a redesign.
  • If your card looks like a rainbow collage and often gets the response, “Oh wow, that’s pretty!”, then you might need a redesign.
  • If your card is designed in a way that looking for your contact information is like playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?”, then you might need a redesign.
  • If your “business” card really doesn’t communicate WHAT your “business” is, then you might need a redesign.
  • If your card is……ummm…..B O R I N G, you might need a redesign.
  • If your card is thin enough to double as dental floss (only in a pinch though), then you might need a redesign.
  • If your card should have come with a magnifying glass, but didn’t, then you might need a redesign.
  • If your card uses more fonts than the number of friends you can squeeze into a Car 2 Go, then you might need a redesign.
  • If you are using one of those free services that states, ” Printed for free at”, then you might need a redesign.

Here’s the bottom line; invest a little bit and get help from Las Vegas printing companies, among others, to design a business card that will leave an impression.  It should be simple, creative, informative and of high quality.  You want to be remembered, and at the end of the day, it’s your card that’s going home with the business prospect, not you.

If your business card suffers from one or more of the symptoms above we can help.  Our design/ printing services are second to none so please give me a call, Rob Cardworthy (512) 994-4429 or email me at rob [at]

Johnny Jeffers

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