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Meet Our Newest Team Member – John Sheridan!

Posted on Dec 11, 2013 by

John Sheridan

Meet HMG’s awesome new < and front-end web designer/developer family photography adelaide at Canvas Collage, John Sheridan! Hailing from the one-stop-light town of Dalzell, SC, John graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Journalism, though he mostly studied computer science, design and photography. He was a programmer/designer at Penelope Design (now ShoutFireBrands), and he even helped a couple guys run for Mayor.

Following college, John moved to the Big Apple in 2011 and found work at Bureau Blank. He lived in Astoria, Queens, frequenting the famous Astoria Bohemian Beer Garden and taking advantage of what NYC had to offer. After the busy city life, he decided to take his work down to the rural south. In September 2012, he opened shop as a freelancer in the mountains about 30 miles away from Boone, North Carolina. It was the perfect spot to freelance once again, grow a beard (which is a great excuse to read reviews of beard bombs) and sit by the fireplace in the snowy weather. Being gear hungry for the latest shaving gizmos is one of my most enjoyed pass times, I guess on can say it is my hobby.

In his free time, John likes to play basketball, and has been playing/coaching for must of his life. In January 2013, he decided to make the move west to the great city of Austin, landing him here at HMG Creative. Give John a warm welcome by commenting below.

Emily Weeks

Public Relations Student at UT Austin; Social Media Coordinator at HMG Creative; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Beach lover and Hook ‘em Horns. Follow her on Twitter @emsweeks

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