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#TeamTuesday – Ian Wilson

#TeamTuesday – Ian Wilson

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 by

Our favorite Austinite believes aliens are out there somewhere, yet not truly living because they don’t have tacos in their lives.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Ian Wilson joined the HMG Creative team as a designer and developer. Though that’s what it says on his business card, he helps out with a little bit of everything in the office. Ian attended The University of Texas at Austin and studied Advertising. In his last few years, he was one of the lucky few to be accepted and finish Texas Creative, one of the hardest Advertising programs in the country. GO IAN! He has a great sense of humor, believes his spirit animal is a squirrel and is a great addition to any team.

HMG asked Ian a few questions to truly get to know him, but in reality we just wanted to hear his eccentric answers:

What is your favorite restaurant in Austin?

  • I’d have to say Musashino. While sushi is their specialty, their entrees are pretty wonderful as well. From the food to the ambience, every element contributes an environment of quality and comfort. I also shouldn’t be writing this before lunch.

What superpower would you want?

  • Healing, for myself and others. I can’t quite figure out how it would work in practice, or at what cost, but I guess figuring that out is part of the fun. For instance, I wouldn’t want to lose a foot because someone forgot their inhaler. Nor would I be too keen on raising an army of undead, only to have them arrested for identity theft. These things need to be sorted out, but it’s still probably less of a logistical headache than if I’d said teleportation.

Pick two celebrities to be your parents.

  • Alton Brown and Tina Fey. Humor and food are a winning combination, and Tina Fey also has a few things going for her. These two are famous for their skill and hard work. They are also not foreign dignitaries, or in any position that would require paramilitary bodyguards. I could lead a relatively normal life, surrounded by interesting people, many of whom are at the top of their game.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

  • Travel writer sounds like a good gig, or something along the lines of a secret shopper for luxury hotels. There is tremendous potential for personal growth, with the added benefit of positive cash flow. The only thing that might feel like work would be filling out the expense reports, but I think I could deal.

Ian is the life of the office with his witty comebacks, and we are so proud to have him as a part of our HMG Creative team.

Kate Gothing

Advertising Student at UT Austin; Social Media and Marketing Intern at HMG Creative; World traveler and burger enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram @kategothing

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