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Austin’s Instagram Celebrities

Austin’s Instagram Celebrities

Posted on Mar 23, 2017 by

Austin, Texas is famous for its vibrant community of art, music, and culture with hip places like South Congress, Rainey Street, and nature’s finest trails. So it should come as no surprise that many Austinites have gravitated toward Instagram, as their mode of visually expressing the city’s self-described weirdness. Naturally, Austin is also home to many Instagram “celebrities” who remind their followers each and every day why this is the greatest place to live.


For many, this account is the epitome of Austin. It takes everything Austinites need to know about the happenings of their city, and delivers the information through an aesthetically pleasing outlet. With 44.3K followers, this is one brilliant way to get news out. Why make a boring post with a picture of the weather forecast when you can take an artsy photo of UT students walking in front of the iconic tower through the reflection of a puddle? @Austin360 is able to incorporate information and beauty, making it an Insta-lebrity amongst Austinites.


With the tagline, “Do Awesome Stuff in Austin”, @Do512 always has a plethora of options for Austinites to do with their free time. With a “Free” category, and @Do512family, there is something for everyone on this page. 70k followers have taken advantage of this outlet that showcases Austin’s happenings.


If this, being a top search result for “Austin,” doesn’t describe the city’s priorities, I don’t know what will. Austinites love to eat, but also to inspire envious hunger in their friends, through images of seriously pretty food. @Austinmymouth depicts the beautifully prepared meals that foodies of the ATX are constantly after. Austinites–much like fellow Austinite, O. Henry–can also appreciate the play on words in this account’s name. Well, 32.9K people appreciate this account, to be exact.


With a whopping 148K fanbase, @365thingsaustin is definitely an A-list celebrity. Posting at least one picture each day, this account shows viewers what they can do to take advantage of their hip city. Showcasing incredible photography, enticing promotions, and events, @365thingsaustin does an excellent job of keeping viewers engaged.


Who can look at an Instagram account made up entirely of dogs without smiling? Zilker Park is an Austin hot spot that has slowly transitioned into the go-to place for Austinites to bring their furry friends. @Zilkerbark, another well-crafted pun, gives these adorable pups the exposure they deserve. With its pristine photography, this account has more than earned its 78.8K followers.


Last–but certainly not least–Austin’s best Instagram account is @hmgcreative (#shamelessplug). This account features all the accomplishments and updates from HMG Creative. Check us out to see for yourself!

Alyssa Zucker

Public Relations student at UT Austin; Social Media and Marketing Intern at HMG Creative; California native, coffee addict. Follow her on Instagram @alyssazucker

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