12 Ways Anyone Can Spend Valentine’s Day


When it comes to the month of February, we can all agree that there’s one thing on our minds: love. Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with a significant other or with a group of close friends, we know the pressure to make this day a little more special than any other day can be stressful. Now that it’s only a few short days away, it’s time to get started on planning!

If you’re not quite sure whether your “Valentine’s Day Surprise” is a day in or a night out, here are HMG’s best ideas to mix and match for your perfectly curated special day in Austin:

A Day Out:

For the active bunch who prefer a full day jam-packed with Valentine’s Day festivities.

Biking/scooter around the city

With so many bike and scooter companies in motion today, the traditional “stroll through the park” is no longer limited to boring ol’ walking or jogging. In fact, you’ll probably have an easier time renting a bike or motorized scooter than finding a parking spot in Austin. Taking one of these devices out for a test drive is the perfect way to spend a beautiful day outside with some good company. Not only are they exhilarating, but they also let you explore our gorgeous city without the limitations of walking or running. Besides, what’s more romantic than zipping across Congress bridge with the majestic Capitol in sight ahead and shimmery Town Lake a blur below?

HMG’s Top Picks: Lime, Jump, Austin B-Cycle

Fancy Brunch

No matter how special the day’s activities may be, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a great meal. Going to a fancy brunch is a foolproof way of starting the day off right. Whether you’re looking to pig out on chicken & waffles or nibble on a fresh bowl of fruit, no one can say they hate brunch (unless they’re lying). So put on your favorite brunch outfit and treat yourself to a delicious meal outdoors!

HMG’s Top Picks: Hank’s, Arturo’s Underground, Jack Allen’s, Hillside Farmacy, Josephine House

Spa Day

There’s no better way to start an early day than pampering you and your significant other to a relaxing spa day. After a long week of work, sometimes all you need is a little bit of R&R. With so many options to choose from, spa services are the definition of “treating yourself.” Not only are they great for relieving stress, but it’s also the perfect time to really sit down and have a good conversation. You’ll have ample time to talk about how your week has gone, the new promotion you got, or just the funny text that your friend sent you. Spending the morning rejuvenating with a nice massage does sound pretty good, doesn’t it?

HMG’s Top Picks: Spa Luxe Day Spa, The Spa Mart

A Fun Night Out:

For those looking for an exciting and creative way to spend the night.


Bowling is a classic idea that most people seem to forget about. The best part about bowling is that it can be fun no matter how many people you bring along. Whether it’s a guys’/girls’ night out, a double date, or just a regular date for two, a little competition is always entertaining. Since most people don’t spend their normal days in the bowling alley, this activity is sure to be something special!

HMG’s Top Picks: Dart Bowl, Highland Lanes, Westgate Lanes


Heading over to your town’s closest rollerblading rink is a fun, creative way to spend Valentine’s day with your loved ones! Not only is it great exercise, but after a long week of working, it’s the perfect way to let loose and relieve some stress. Sure to bring back some childhood memories, rollerblading rinks are famous for playing the best throwback bops that are guaranteed to bring out your goofy side. If you’re looking for a more active way to spend this special day, rollerblading is definitely one to try out.

HMG’s Top Picks: Playland Skate Center, Austin Roller Rink

Pottery Painting

For those looking for a more artistic way to spend the evening, pottery painting is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing! This is a great activity to share with friends or a significant other because it allows you to see another, more creative side of each other. Artist or not, the best part about your pottery painting experience is getting to keep a little memoir of this fun day… even if it ends up being an orange and purple ice cream cone.

HMG’s Top Picks: Cafe Monet Art Studio, Color Me Mine

 A Free Night In:

For those looking for a chill, affordable night indoors.

Game Night

No matter how old you may be, spending the night playing multiple rounds of Monopoly, Jenga, or Charades is a lot more fun than we often admit. Whether it’s the competition or the endless laughs, there’s no question that some of the best memories can come from these game nights. If you’re looking for some old-fashioned fun, invite your friends to join you and your significant other for a night filled with your favorite childhood games. Paired with some good snacks and fine wine, a game night is sure to be a good night.

HMG’s Top Picks: Monopoly Deal, Jaipur, Bananagrams, Catan, Beat Saber (VR Video Game), Overcooked (Multiplayer Video Game)

Movie Marathon

Whether it’s the entire series of Harry Potter or a marathon of romantic comedies, nothing says “chill night” like a movie marathon cuddled under some warm blankets. With popcorn in the microwave and a bowl full of theater-grade snacks, some of our best nights are spent watching classics with our favorite person. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember not to rule out the simplest of ideas.

HMG’s Top Picks: La La Land (Drama/Romance) , My Bloody Valentine (Horror), When Harry Met Sally, P.S. I Love You (Drama/Romance), Amelie (Comedy/Romance)


What’s better than a delicious meal? One that you make with your special someone. Instead of going out to your favorite fancy restaurant this year and fighting the inevitable crowds, try staying in to cook a new recipe! If you’re dying to add some competition to the mix, make it into a cook-off or invite your closest friends for a potluck! Nothing beats good food with good company.

A Fancy Night Out

For those looking for a romantic, luxurious night in the city.

Lone Star Riverboat on Town Lake

Photo courtesy of Lone Star Riverboat

Romantic Dinner for Two

There’s nothing more romantic than a classic dinner for two in the city. We’re talking the movie scene dinner — the dim lights, soft music, and candlelight type of dinner. When it comes to nights like these, all you may need is some quiet, quality time with your partner… plus some fantastically good food. With the long, working nights that we may have, sometimes a good, full dinner is just out of the question. This is the perfect time to enjoy all the things, big or small, that make you two happy.

HMG’s Top Picks: Uchi, Juliet Italian Kitchen, Justine’s Brasserie, Buenos Aires Cafe

Sunset Cruise

If you’re looking for that textbook-definition Valentine’s Day, nothing says romance like a sunset cruise for two. One of the best things about living in Austin is enjoying our local lakes and all the fun activities that come with them. Not only do you get the opportunity to view the city from a fresh perspective, but you can also order dinner and dessert on the ride. Not everyone gets the chance to fly off to an exotic destination for this special day, but floating along the river into the sunset is pretty darn close!

HMG’s Top Picks: Capital Cruises, Lone Star RiverBoat

Musical/Theatrical Show

For those that love a sophisticated night in the city, visiting the closest live theater is an extra classy way to spend the night. There’s always time to go to the movies, but there’s something about going to see a musical/play that’s just a little more romantic. Spending the night enjoying a live performance in the Live Music Capital of the World with your significant other is definitely an Oscar-worthy date.

HMG’s Top Picks: Bass Concert Hall, CTX Live Theater

No matter how your Valentine’s Day ends up going, it’s important to remember that February 14th is a day dedicated to love, not a day that determines love. Whether it ends up being a huge disaster or grand success, there are plenty more days in the year on which you can express your love. And remember, regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a day for all types of love – whether for friends, family, significant other, or even yourself.