5 Things You Need to Know About Austin Food & Wine Festival


This coming weekend marks the fifth annual Austin Food & Wine Festival! Experts in the food and wine industry from across the nation will be returning to Austin to share their knowledge through demos, showcases and tastings. However, there is more than just the delicious food and wine pairings that are served at the event. Here’s what you need to know about Austin Food & Wine Festival:

1.Backed behind a non-profit organization

The Austin Food & Wine Alliance is a nonprofit organization that uses the proceeds from Austin Food & Wine Festival to assist the Central Texas culinary community in funding for programs focused on culinary innovation. Not only is your attendance to this event going to leave your stomachs filled, but it will also help to support culinary programs that keep Central Texas unique.

2. Unlimited food, beer, wine and spirits

Each ticket that is purchased for Austin Food & Wine Festival grants unlimited access to all food, beer, wine and spirits at the numerous events that are put on throughout the weekend. Choose between a variety of showcases by your favorite chefs from across the nation and have the ability to try the eclectic cuisines that are prepared just for you! Such events include the Grand Taste and the Fire Pit.

3. Local Texas performers

Austin Food & Wine Festival likes to patronize local performers from the Texas state. This year, Austin Food & Wine Alliance will host top music performers from around the state such as The Suffers (Houston), DJ Mel (Austin), and DJ DM (Austin) to come and perform at this year’s event. Having these Texas born-and-raised stars perform at local events creates a more unified community, demonstrating our full support for these rising performers from the “Lone Star State.”

4. Famous culinary chefsAndrew-Zimmern_Photo-742x1024

The extraordinary talent by acclaimed culinary chefs from around the nation are what makes Austin Food & Wine Festival a memorable experience. From Award-winning chefs such as creator of Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern, to Food Network stars like Chopped co-star Amanda Freitag, the event brings the expertise from foodies across the nation to make Austin Food & Wine Festival a place to learn from the best.

5. A unique Sunday gospel brunch

This year, Austin Food & Wine Festival, will be adding a new event to bring the fabulous weekend to a close. Robert Randolph and the Family Band will be performing at the Sunday gospel brunch. The gospel brunch is the perfect way to detox from the amount of drinking you had done on the weekend, and to end on a positive note through a beautiful performance by the award-winning band.


The Austin Food & Wine Festival will kickoff this Saturday, April 23, and end Sunday, April 24. Tickets are selling out quickly, so purchase them before they’re gone!