6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Run Adwords PPC Campaigns


What is Google Adwords PPC?
For those who are unfamiliar with this type of online advertising, Adwords is a platform that allows you to show ads above Google search engine results. You choose a set of keywords and Google will show your ad to people who searched those words. The beauty of this particular platform is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on it (Pay-Per-Click).

Whether your business already has an established online customer base, or you’re new to the market and have only just launched your website, you should be running Adwords PPC campaigns either way. Why? Below are 6 good reasons:

1. To Beat Competitors
If you don’t use Adwords, there is a good chance that you’ll lose potential customers to your competitors who do. Even if your business is already organically ranked #1 in search engines, your search engine ranking is actually at #4 or #5, because there are competitors above you who are running Adwords campaigns. For example, in this ‘Flower Delivery’ Google search shown below, the company that is ranked #1 organically, is actually ranked at #5 overall (below the red box).

When searching on mobile (as shown below), the ads cover the entire screen, and so the user would have to physically scroll down before reaching an organically listed ranking. In a world where customers crave instant solutions and fast online shopping, this may cost you potential customers. It is important to be as visible to them as possible.

2. It’s Flexible and Suitable For Every Budget
If you’ve only just started your business and haven’t considered running a PPC campaign for financial reasons, fear not. With Adwords, you can set a daily budget and control your overall costs. Your money doesn’t go to waste either because you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. There’s also no financial risk when it comes to Adwords because there’s no contract and it allows for flexibility – you can increase or decrease your budgets whenever you want, or stop the campaign at any time.

3. To Have Access to High-Quality Traffic 
With millions of searches per day on Google, advertising on this platform is a great way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Google already prides itself on its ability to produce the most relevant search results for its audiences, but with Google Adwords, you can really step it up a notch and target specific audiences to send sends higher quality leads to your website. The more accurate the target audience is, the more likely they are to become customers.

4. To Better Understand Your Audience
Adwords PPC is arguably one of the best resources available to find out about your audience. It produces data about customers that traditional advertising methods never could. Adwords shows you who is viewing your website, the keywords they used to get there, the device they used, their physical location, the time and day they searched, and so much more. By having these insights, you can refine your marketing efforts to target your audience more effectively, and to also produce better products and services.

5. To Get Fast Results
Some businesses may choose to focus all of their efforts on SEO instead of using Adwords, but a huge drawback with SEO is that it takes a long time to start noticing any results. With Adwords, you can achieve results from the second your campaign goes live. So if your business is brand new, this gives you the opportunity to go up against established competitors who already have a good search engine ranking.
However, although PPC yields quicker results than SEO, this doesn’t mean they both can’t be utilized at the same time. Having an SEO plan as well as a PPC campaign gives you twice as much chance for success.

6. To Find Out What Works
Adwords PPC is completely measurable and trackable. It shows you how many people have viewed your ads, visited your website, called your business and more. Unlike traditional advertising methods such as billboard advertising, you’re able to see the results of your ad spend. There’s no mystery with PPC. Also, due to the flexibility of Adwords, you can constantly tweak your ads and test your methods. Why wouldn’t you want to give Adwords a try?

Still not convinced? Or just don’t have the time? Let us do the work for you!
We will build your Adwords campaign and monitor it closely to ensure success. See below for a more detailed description of our Adwords Services:

  • Research profitable keywords and compile exhaustive negative keyword lists.
  • Build campaigns with proper keyword structure and organization.
  • Develop and manage effective Display Network campaigns.
  • Optimize account settings based on budget, geo-targeting and account analysis.
  • Improve quality scores with click-through-rates, landing page and keywords bid management.
  • Eliminate wasted spending and work towards constant ROI improvements.
  • Write and manage ad copy and split testing.
  • Conversion tracking, reporting and analysis.

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