Eight simple ways to take advantage of Black Friday


The holidays are here, and so are the year’s best discounts. Whether you are a shopaholic ready to binge, or a shopaphobic, you should take advantage of all of the savings Black Friday has to offer if you’ll be doing any Christmas shopping. Black Friday shopping can be daunting, so we came up with some tips to make the most of your holiday shopping.

Strategize your experience using a Black Friday app

Black Friday can be overwhelming, with an overwhelming amount of items on sale. Prioritize what is most important on your list by using a Black Friday app. These apps have a list of items on sale and you can add them to a wishlist. This will help you plan out your day and create the most efficient schedule. Here are a few apps we recommend:

Black Friday

Black Friday 2017 Ads Shopping

TGI Black Friday 2017

Divide and conquer

Find a friend and make Black Friday an experience. Not only will this make the day more enjoyable, it will also help you maximize findings and discounts. Together you can split up the list and minimize your time in the store.

Wear workout clothes

Black Friday shopping can get intense and require a lot of walking, and, let’s be honest, sometimes running. Traffic tends to be heavier and lines tend to be longer, so wear clothing that you can move around in and be comfortable. Don’t let the other shoppers beat you because you can’t run in your shoes!

Concentrate on electronics

Electronics are the most common discounted item on the Black Friday specials. If you are needing a new TV, speaker, or computer take advantage of these savings. These will be the items that go first so prioritize them as necessary.

Stock up on toiletries

Black Friday is the best time to stock up on all the shampoos, lotions, makeup, and hair products for the rest of the year. Go ahead and buy in bulk so you don’t have to pay full price later. Ulta will open its stores 6pm-2am on Thursday for huge savings and discounts on all of your basic beauty and hygiene products. Be on the lookout for savings on men’s grooming essentials as they will be significantly discounted as well.

Early bird gets the worm

Don’t be late. Set your alarm early on Friday and make sure you are the first to get your hands on these deals. Merchandise runs out and you don’t want the store to be picked apart when you get there. Be on the lookout for stores opening Thursday night. This could be a good way to ensure you get what you’re looking for and walk off that turkey!

Check on the stores you have accounts and loyalty programs with

If you already have an account or are enrolled in a loyalty program at a certain store, make sure you check out their specials. Many times loyal customers will get to shop early and receive better deals. Don’t overlook your emails this week!

Or… you can stay in bed

If Black Friday isn’t your thing, don’t fret—there’s always Cyber Monday. Enjoy your weekend and jump on your computer early Monday morning to make the most of Cyber Monday. Skip the lines and enjoy a shopping trip from your nice warm bed (that’s my plan)!