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Meet Jenna: HMG’s New Social Media and Marketing Intern

Meet Jenna: HMG’s New Social Media and Marketing Intern

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 by

Hi! I’m Jenna Meltzer, the 2016 Social Media and Marketing intern, and I am so excited to kick off the new year as the newest member of the HMG Creative team. I am currently a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in public relations and pursuing a business certificate from the McCombs School of Business. Born and raised in a small suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I knew I wanted to get out of the tiny bubble in which I had lived my entire life, and experience a new culture during my college years. After visiting Austin for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the young vibe of the city, the amazing food, and of course, that southern hospitality that you don’t see as much in Philadelphia. Even though I had to adjust my ears to not cringe when I hear the word “y’all” instead of “youz guys,” I can wholeheartedly say that attending the University of Texas at Austin was one of the best decisions I have ever made. You must be crazy to not love the Live Music Capital of the World — am I right?

Last summer, I interned at a branding consulting firm in Pennsylvania, where I assisted the account manager in enhancing brand recognition for their clientele. I analyzed the successes and weaknesses of their yearly conference, GS1 Connect, and created a marketing plan that benefited from the strategies of similar conferences which I had analyzed. This taught me the importance of teamwork and collaboration in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. I am excited to share this knowledge and to apply these skills at HMG Creative!

In addition to my work experience, I am a writer for ORANGE Magazine, a student-run, lifestyle magazine on campus. I am also a member of The Texas Public Relations Student Society of America, a nationwide organization that provides students with out-of-the-classroom knowledge from guest speakers within the public relations field. The position allowed me to blog about public relations related events occurring in the nation.

In the future, I see myself as a speechwriter for the top government officials in D.C., or for the CEO of a major corporation. I am eager to expand my learning at HMG Creative, and I know I will walk away as a stronger writer, communicator, and creative thinker!

Want to get to know me? Shoot me an email at

Jenna Meltzer

Public Relations Student at UT Austin; Social Media and Marketing Intern at HMG Creative; Follow her on Instagram @jennameltzer

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