Congrats to our Clients


Two of our very own clients recently closed multi-million dollar deals, and we could not be more honored to have had a hand in their success! In helping these companies perfect their web presence, we have grown fond of our clients and their work, and are thus gleaming like proud parents at their success. We want to extend our most sincere congratulations to AcadmeicWorks and RetailMeNot on their new acquisitions!


AcademicWorks is the ultimate scholarship management system. With the unique incorporation of market experience, product innovation, outstanding customer service, and cloud-based software delivery, they have served over 525 colleges, universities, and foundations. With over 50 years of providing scholarship-based administrative work to their clients, AcademicWorks strongly emphasizes offering both reliable customer service and intuitive products. Through a consultative approach, they are able to match their solutions to their customers’ needs. Additionally, the implementation of automated nightly processes allows for the matching of relevant scholarship opportunities with eligible students, while ensuring top-notch security.

In February of 2014, we began working with AcademicWorks on the conceptualization and creation of a robust and highly engaging web presence. Using WordPress, HMG developed a responsive and intuitive site to showcase the value that AcademicWorks offers through their many innovative services. Our goal was to create a lively website that is an accurate representation of their achievements as the leader in higher education scholarship management. Their previous website clearly stated their many offerings and values, but we chose to delve deeper, to give their online presence a more intuitive and fluid user experience.

This Austin company has just been acquired by another company with an Austin presence, Blackbaud, for $50 million. Offering unmatched customer benefits in the industry, AcademicWorks now has the means to follow through, thanks to this generous deal. Congratulations, AcademicWorks, you’ve earned it!


RetailMeNot has created a hub for users to find coupons and sales at the tip of their fingers. Founded in 2009, this platform has become one of the largest discount marketplaces to date. Giving users the opportunity to rank deals, this site places the best deals at the top, giving consumers a more informed shopping experience. RetailMeNot also encourages users to upload deals, thus contributing to the continuous growth of the site. They have also established an innovative discount marketplace that nicely complements their passionate user base.

In 2012, we began working with this national coupon website sensation to improve their web presence. Specifically, RetailMeNot came to HMG seeking assistance in the web design and development assistance for their Customer Appreciation Campaign. We were able to work with RetailMeNot to revamp their content strategy to highlight this campaign, with a live Q&A chat section, reader polls, social media integration, and more. With a tight deadline and high project standards, we also managed to complete the task ahead of schedule.

This Austin-based company has just agreed to be acquired by San Antonio-based Harland Clarke Holding corp, a deal valuing $630 million. Harland Clarke provides integrated payment solutions and marketing services, paying $11.60 per share for RetailMeNot. Upon the completion of this acquisition, the plan is to incorporate a multi-channel network of thousands of advertisers, able to reach hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.

From everyone here at HMG Creative, we want to express our immense amount of pride. So another round of congratulations for AcademicWorks and RetailMeNot!