Four Reasons Why Print Isn’t Dead


Although we live in a predominantly digital world, print marketing is still potent in making a statement for your brand. It can establish trust and increase engagement with consumers. Most companies incorporate both digital and print marketing to keep their brand premium and credible. As the world continues to advance digitally, consumers are also rediscovering their appreciation for print advertising. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t overlook print marketing as you devise your next media plan:

It Communicates the Value of the Brand

Magazines radiate a certain type of aesthetic beauty in their communication, which is what continues to attract their readership. There’s true art behind weaving multiple stories into the fabric of your brand through the voices of different magazines. Print ads are a quick way to establish credibility, as over 55 percent of consumers trust print over any other medium. Print also offers a wider range of creativity and design quality in the design process and establishes a brand identity with it’s audience.

It’s Tangible

What makes print intriguing is that it entices people to read it. A tangible piece of mail, or a magazine at a barbershop, often teases our curiosity until we take a closer look. The visceral quality of print also feels much more personal than a digital message that is easily lost in a sea of other messages. There is also something to be said for the longer shelf life—one magazine might sit on someone’s coffee table for months and reach a much broader audience than expected.

It Attracts the Most Engaged

People who consume print expect a much different experience than with the digital content they consume. Consumers are in a more active mental state when engaging with print. In making the decision to open a magazine and engage with the content, a reader trades their attention and focus for the chance to learn something new or find entertainment. Content should be inviting, with arresting visuals and intriguing headlines. Because magazines usually tailor their content to serve specific segments, you not only have access to their subscribers but also a fairly clear blueprint for how to tweak your messaging to craft more precise communication.

Higher ROI and Response Rates

Measuring ROI for print can be a lengthy and expensive process, with a high margin of error. However, when someone chooses to share a magazine or news article with a friend, it does not get buried in a chat log or email thread. Instead, they have its physical presence, inviting them to re-engage or continue sharing it. Today, more than three out of four small businesses that use print marketing and online advertising combined see higher response rates from print marketing efforts. This ability to hold relevance is beneficial to not bombarding the consumer with countless digital marketing messages.

Digital marketing has undeniable benefits, but the name of the game is diversity. A company with a solid digital presence who’s also mixing it up with traditional media is letting you know that they’re not some fly-by-night operation and that you should give them your business. If you’d like our thoughts on how some traditional marketing might benefit your digital gameplan, let us know!