Four Ways to Utilize Print at Your Event


In today’s consumer-centric world, it is imperative that businesses snatch every opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with their consumers and differentiate themselves in the overcrowded marketplace. A brand must interact and gain the trust of consumers on a personal, more intimate level. Events have become key to connecting brands with consumers on all levels. They have the power to create a connection between a brand and consumer on a very personal level, raise brand awareness, improve brand perception, and create long-lasting rapport with customers. With a variety of events gaining so much prominence in the marketing industry, it is crucial that we as professional marketers understand how to strategically plan events and utilize all aspects of marketing—including print.

As the digital age continues to rapidly accelerate, marketers often forget just how impactful print can be. Print often resonates with consumers on a deeper level because it is tangible, communicates the quality and credibility of a brand, and entices direct engagement. Here are four ways to incorporate print at your events:


Creating a high-quality face for a brand is the sole purpose of an event; however, the brand must be featured at every touch point of the event. Signs and banners are a natural part of our environment and an effective way to resonate with the consumer’s subconscious. A banner featuring the brand’s logo at the point of entry and exit is essential in establishing brand recall and staying top of mind with consumers. Find samples of professional logos at: Merry Christmas banners |


In today’s media-centered world, it is lucrative as marketers to provide candid moments for guests to directly interact with the brand throughout the event. By providing a backdrop, also known as step and repeats, attendees will be enticed to snap candid photos and share them across social media. This will increase the brand’s reach organically and seamlessly integrate the brand with a wider, high-quality audience.


Go home with the consumer. Passing out merchandise at events allows marketers to show the brand’s personality, reinforce the brand’s message, and further engage with consumers. During a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 85% of consumers surveyed were able to recall the commanding advertiser from their branded merchandise. Choosing merchandise that is high in usability—such as a t-shirt or coffee mug—and perceived value will allow your brand stay relevant with the consumer and ultimately create brand loyalty.  


Events are all about connecting with consumers, so there is little room to discuss the fine print and details of a business. At the event, provide booklets including company information, capabilities, and a sales pitch or call to action in order to leave room for time to personally connect with attendees at your event.

As you plan your event and devise the marketing strategy surrounding it, don’t forget about the impact print can make, as that is your chance to personally hand your customer a tangible piece of collateral. Consider these four commercial printing methods that will resonate with attendees months after the event takes place.

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