How to Grow Your Business With Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns


A site with no visitors is not profitable at all. If your phone isn’t ringing from internet leads, you need to start doing something different to drive traffic to your online store front. One key strategy that targets potential customers during their decision-making process is Google Ad Words.

For those who have yet to discover this type of campaigning, Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program by Google. With AdWords, businesses can promote their website’s products and services on Google’s search results in the “sponsored links” sections. As always, quality copy and relevant keyword buys will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. With AdWords, unlike traditional advertising, you can set your budgets and change your campaigns in real-time; there are no commitments or spending requirements of any kind.

The Benefits of Google Pay-Per-Click:

  • Control your budget and overall costs. Set your daily budget and the amount you’re willing to pay for a click, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Advertise where you want. Target your ads to potential customers around the world, or only to those in your town, region or country.
  • No risk. There’s no minimum term or commitment and if you ever need to change the level of spending you can increase or decrease your budgets with peace of mind.
  • Targeting. You choose your industry-specific keywords to target your customers and can know your exact ROI and how to better tailor your campaigns for the future.

Not sure how to start or manage a campaign? Let us do it for you.

We at HMG Creative keep a close eye on all our clients’ PPC campaigns to ensure their business is seen by all the right people; we will set up your account, keywords, regions, daily budgets and performance. Account management of your Google PPC is affordable and just makes “Adsense.”

AdWords Services:

  • Research profitable keywords and compile exhaustive negative keyword lists
  • Build campaigns with proper keyword structure and organization
  • Develop and manage effective Display Network campaigns
  • Optimize account settings based on budget, geo-targeting and account analysis
  • Improve quality scores with click-through-rates, landing page and keywords bid management
  • Eliminate wasted spending and work towards constant ROI improvements
  • Write and manage ad copy and split testing
  • Conversion tracking, reporting and analysis

So what’s it cost?

Due to the competitive, real-time nature of PPC, it’s necessary to monitor, strategize and make changes on an ongoing basis to achieve the best results. For this service, our pricing is month-to-month and varies depending on the complexity of the campaigns as you can view below:

Special Offers:

Commit to a full year and we will waive the Set Up Fee for your PPC campaign and receive your first $100 of ad spend is on us.

Commit to 6 months and we will include your first $100 of ad spend will be free.

PPC Spend up to $500: PPC Spend up to $1000: PPC Spend up to $2500:

Set up: $250

Management Fee: $100 monthly

Keywords/Phrases: Up to 50

Additional Active Keywords: $0.75 each

Phone Meeting: 1/month

Reports: Weekly

Set up: $500

Management Fee: $200 monthly

Keywords/Phrases: Up to 100

Additional Active Keywords: $0.75 each

Phone Meeting: 2/month

Reports: Weekly

Set up: $1200

Management Fee: $400 monthly

Keywords/Phrases: Up to 300

Additional Active Keywords: $0.75 each

Phone Meeting: 2/month

Reports: Weekly

Go ahead, attract new leads and get the phone ringing by picking up yours.

Amy Kauffman